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Insurance Coverage for Rental Trucks and Commercial Vehicles


Have you ever rented a U-Haul? Who hasn’t? What about one of those handy trucks you can get from the big-box hardware store to lug your purchases home, the ones you can’t fit in your sedan? Many of us have.

And if you’ve ever waived the insurance offered by any of these rental companies, assuming your personal auto insurance would cover it, you’d be mistaken. Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Gives OC Business Owners a Break on Commercial Auto Insurance

Don’t let a freeway mishap destroy your business!

One thing that America has always been, no matter the state of the economy, a land of opportunity. And now is a great time for entrepreneurs to get out and finally live their dream of being a business owner! And although California is a great place to live, yet again Chief Executive magazine has ranked the state dead last in their list of states with good business climates. That is why we, at BMR Insurance, make it our mission to help out business owners by giving them great deals on their commercial auto insurance. Continue Reading →

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Crackdown on Workers Comp Insurance Fraud In California

California is not known as the friendliest place for small business owners—in fact, it’s ranked as third from the bottom. One of the big costs for small business owners, especially those in the trades (construction, roofing, flooring, landscaping, HVAC, etc.), is workers compensation insurance.

Yes, it’s a nuisance. But we’ve written many blogs about how important having workers comp insurance is—it’s essential. Without it, your whole business could be ruined in a shot.

Yet there seems to be an “underground economy” in California, where business owners are either under reporting payroll or paying people under the table to avoid high workers comp insurance premiums or payroll taxes. Continue Reading →

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Manufacturers: What Do You Do When Your Product is Recalled

Do you have insurance if one of your products needs to be recalled?

Remember Toyota a few years back? All of those brake problems and people getting injured for faulty manufacturing? What about that Tylenol recall? Even with the liability issues and damage to their image and brand aside, how much do you think that product recall cost these companies? You’re right—it wasn’t cheap.

But even if you aren’t manufacturing cars, a product recall can be devastating for any company, especially in this economy. And in Orange County, we still have many areas where manufacturing is predominant: Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, Anaheim, Lake Forest, even Huntington Beach and Irvine. Continue Reading →

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