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May Day: A History

The first of May is more than an embracing of summer, a welcoming of May flowers. Today we celebrate the day as a hybrid of the holiday’s origins and the story it took on following an industrial revolution in Chicago. We can follow its path through the centuries and the continents, to tell you a bit more about the May Day we celebrate every year. Continue Reading →

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Tips for Tax Time

April and the spring season are seen as times of renewal, a fresh start — and with this comes the deadline to file your taxes, which is right around the corner! Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the reductions available earlier on in the year, but we’ve gathered together some last minute tips to help you in the process. Whether veteran or amateur tax filer, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra tips for 2017 tax filing. Continue Reading →

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Should Businesses Allow Pets at Work?

Dog lying in home office with man in background

Various workplace traditions have shown to be beneficial to employer and employees alike– casual Fridays, bring your kid to work day and so on. But what about bringing your pet to work? As a small business owner, this kind of decision depends on your particular ambient and workplace policy. Welcoming pets into the workplace has proven in many cases to lower the stress of employees, and encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle. Continue Reading →

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Holiday Shopping: Six Steps to Preventing Identity Theft

Online shopping website on laptop screen with female hands typing

Shopping is at its peak during the holiday season– and so is the rate of identity theft through credit card use. Fraudsters find ways to steal credentials and compromise your identity regardless of where you shop: online, in-store, or on your cell. But we don’t say this to make you lose hope; instead to give you hope that you have just as many ways to protect your identity, and get all that holiday shopping done! Here’s what you can do: Continue Reading →

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Tips For Hiring Seasonal Workers

Salesperson assisting customer

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it the onslaught of houseguests, and if you’re a small business owner, potentially an increase in business volume. Many small businesses find it useful to hire seasonal workers, especially in the holiday season. If you’re finding yourself at the end of your rope whenever the holidays come around, it might be time to pull out a “pro and con” list and decide if hiring a seasonal employee will help relieve that stress. Seasonal employees bring in the extra hands you need without the added costs of providing benefits. Continue Reading →

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Should You Offer Employees a Company Car?

company car

A suave lawyer leaps out of the firm’s company town car to close a case; a woman in an debonair suit meets a prospective client, saying, “we can just take the company car”. Yes, it seems glamorous and overdone on daytime television, but you have to admit– company cars offer another level of prestige. As a small business, it may seem an extravagance, and often is. But, if within the company budget, a company car can yield great results in regard to customer perception and employee retention.

But where does one start? The Company Car one-stop-shop? Not exactly. There are numerous elements to consider when on the market for a company car: from buying to handling policies of company car use. Continue Reading →

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Co-Working Spaces in Orange County: Is It Right For You?

shared workspace

Collaboration has become a buzzword across the professional landscape; why should it not become the central feature of the new workplace we have begun to see across the country? Imagine a space in which organizations work side by side, serving as resources and collaborative partners while saving money on rent. There are now over 400 co-working spaces, mostly for non-profits and social service organizations, including the Real Office Spaces (ROC) of Santa Monica, CA and The Village at 17th St in Santa Ana, CA. The proprietor of The Village, William Podlich, retired co-founder of Pimco, hopes this is only the beginning of this “real estate with a shared purpose.” Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Agency: 75 Years and Counting


BMR Composite-JCHP-May-2016

If you ask anyone in our office, they’ll tell you BMR Insurance is a company that values its relationships with the community it supports, the consumers for whom it provides service, and the employees it nurtures. This is no surprise, considering BMR is a third-generation family-owned company. In celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, we can truly see the extent to which our company has become ingrained within the community. We are special in that we strives to flourish and expand, but also to never outgrow our ability to serve the customers who have been along for the ride. If you call the office, you’ll never get an automated voice, but a real person, with a real interest in you, the customer. Continue Reading →

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How to Recognize Employee Fraud

Businessman stealing money

As unfortunate and discouraging as it is to consider, employee fraud is all too prevalent. Even more upsetting, it’s often within small businesses; the owners, having invested so much trust into their employees, often miss the warning signs of employee fraud. As many as 28.8% of small businesses fell prey to employee fraud in 2012, with a median loss of 6% higher than large businesses. And, after such loss, only 58% of these companies actually regain any of their financial losses. It is hard enough to keep a small business afloat in the turbulence of the economy and a multitude of other factors; don’t let employee fraud be the thing to drag you down. Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Employment Discrimination Claims in 2014

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7_LoHave you ever filed a complaint about your employer? Perhaps you have experienced sexual harassment or were given fewer hours due to your race, sex or a disability, and filed a complaint about it. Then you were fired.

What? It happens. In fact, claims alleging retaliation against an employee for involvement in a complaint reached a record high in fiscal year 2014, at almost 43 percent. Employment discrimination is definitely a factor for many people in America’s workforce. Continue Reading →

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