Can a Dealer Sell a Used Car on Recall?

Buying a used car can be a hassle. If you’re buying through a private seller, you need to get your car checked out by a mechanic, and that takes time and costs money. You may think it’s easier, safer, and more reliable to buy a used car from a dealership, especially when they have a “certified pre-owned” used car program.

But does that mean it’s perfect? Everything’s fixed and ready to drive off the lot? Not necessarily. You might be surprised to see a car on a dealer’s used car lot, check the CarFax and find that it’s on an open recall for the replacement of a Takata air bag inflator. Continue Reading →

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How To Host the Best Fourth of July Barbecue

Summer is finally here, and so is that wonderful, patriotic holiday that we all love to celebrate. Yes, get out the red, white, and blue bunting, raise the stars and stripes, and clean the barbecue. That’s right–it’s the Fourth of July, and we’re getting ready to ‘cue.

Nervous about hosting an Independence Day feast for friends? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with six tips that will ensure you have a party free from failure and full of fun. Continue Reading →

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Alzheimer’s Family Services Center

Photo courtesy of Alzheimer’s Family Services Center

More than 5 million Americans alone suffer from Alzheimer’s, all over age 65. Alongside these 5 million, are their 15 million unpaid caretakers– family members, spouses, friends, and other loved ones. Taking care of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s is a full-time job, exhausting physically and emotionally,  but many caretakers are attempting to work to support themselves and raise their families. Orange County’s Alzheimer’s Family Center is an adult day care program, which provides a community for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, where they can live “happier and healthier lives”. Continue Reading →

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Museums for Kids in Orange County

In our community, we’re lucky that we don’t have to go far for experiences that people drive across the nation for. We have the beaches, the history, the museums, state parks, all within reach. For those of us with younger ones to entertain, it’s great to have so many options to get up and out of the house. To the kids, a trip to a neighborhood museum can be a trip to another world. Take advantage of our local museums, and head to one of our five favorite Orange County museums: Continue Reading →

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Insurance for a Rental Car on Vacation

Say you were trying to rent a car to explore the lesser known little French villages, foraging for croissants and other delectable goodies. Are you insured? Good question.

Navigating bureaucratic processes is complicated enough in the US– but in another country? It’s almost enough to make you give up.

Most countries, including Japan, Israel, and Jamaica, have specific requirements for American drivers when it comes to insurance. Unfortunately, these aren’t usually met by your general travel insurance coverage. Instead, renters usually end up paying double (or triple!) their original fee. If you are renting a car abroad, one of the most important points on your pre-departure check-list will be coordinating with your travel insurance agent, to find out what coverage you have, and what you can do to avoid any surprise fees. Continue Reading →

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Teaching a Teenager to Drive

When you are 16 years old and getting your license, the world seems to open up before you, into a new kind of freedom. For a parent, it can be more than a little terrifying– watching your son or daughter take off into traffic, full of dangers and potential crashes. However, as a parent who is required to drive 40-50 hours with your teen before they get their license, you have the potential to positively and effectively teach your child good habits that go beyond vehicle handling. Continue Reading →

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Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

American three-day weekend holidays can become a blur of celebrating this and that — but why do we really celebrate Memorial Day? When did it start and why is it always the last Monday in May? We’ve gathered up everything you need to truly celebrate properly, alongside the barbecues and beach days. Continue Reading →

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OC Charity Spotlight: Breast Cancer Angels

Within the communities of San Diego, Long Beach and our own Orange County, Breast Cancer Angels are behind the scenes, acting as providers of financial and emotional support to women (and men) fighting breast cancer. Breast Cancer Angels is an independent, non profit 501(c)3 organization. Corporate sponsors pay all overhead costs, allowing 100% of donations to go directly into their programs. Continue Reading →

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What is “Acts of God” Insurance?

These trees are not your friends…if they fall and cause damage.

For this post, we’ll start with a trivia question:

Which of these circumstances would be covered by insurance as an “act of God”? (Read to the end to find your answer!)

  1. Lighting striking and burning down multiple houses
  2. Fire set by an arsonist

Sometimes as much as you can try to prepare for the unpreparable, natural disasters– so-called “acts of God”– strike us unawares and unprepared. Fire, lightning, floods, and earthquakes– all might strike at a moments notice, and leave us with a crushed roof or burned down home. A Louisiana court (a state faced with its fair share of natural disasters) gave this definition of an act of God: Continue Reading →

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