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Welcome to BMR Insurance Agency of Tustin, California

Proudly serving insurance needs in Orange County for 80 years.

BMR Insurance Agency can trace its beginnings back to 1941, and for 80 years, our insurance agency has been passed from father to son. Our highly automated facility ensures that we are up to date with the continual changes in the insurance industry. Thousands of policyholders in California use us for their insurance needs because they have experienced our customer service, which we set as our highest priority.

An Independent Insurance Agency

Unlike an agency which exclusively provides coverage from one source, BMR Insurance Agency offers services from more than 100 highly regarded insurance companies. We continually evaluate new companies that may be an asset to your personal or business security. Click here to learn more about our Insurance Agency.

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We continue to grow through the friends and family members of our existing clients. If you know someone who has insurance needs, please refer them to us. Thank you. Your referrals mean the world to us!

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Don’t Just Take our Word for it

Hear what it is like to work with us from our clients. We think they say it best!

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