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Your Graduate Needs Insurance For Car and Apartment

Celebrate your grad’s success!

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance March and get your confetti and blow horns ready; it’s the season for graduations! All across the nation, families and friends are celebrating the academic accomplishments of their loved ones.  While this is a time of festivity and celebration, graduations also prompt anticipated and significant changes in the ensuing future of a young graduate’s life.  During this time, BMR Insurance encourages parents and families to reevaluate and check up on their insurance policies to ensure that the graduates’ transitions into the new phases of their lives will be secure, protected and insured. Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Loves Happy Clients

One of the most important values of BMR Insurance is integrity, and we always strive to provide honest and straightforward service to our clients.  However, this may not always be the case with other insurance companies.  Here is a little anecdote about how we are committed to our clients.

A potential client had approached BMR Insurance regarding general liability policies.  Another insurance company told the client that their offered insurance covered this issue, but the agent refused to give the quote in writing.  BMR Insurance, however, would cover the general liability policies for the client’s business, and we offered this in writing along with a pricing quote.  But because the other insurance company had a lower premium, the client wondered—and not surprisingly—whether or not we were over quoting him. Continue Reading →

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Special Events Insurance: For a Perfect Event or Wedding

Insuring your wedding is not only possible but recommended.

When life throws you lemons, make sure you are insured! With so many possible unforeseen accidents that could go wrong, we at BMR Insurance feel that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your assets, from insuring your car to even significant events in your life.  That’s right—with BMR Insurance, it is possible to insure your most special events, like your wedding day or your child’s birthday party.

Other companies offer meager wedding insurance that only covers venue liabilities, but BMR Insurance’s plans are detail-specific and will insure just about every aspect of your big day.  Our wedding insurance covers every possible disaster scenario that could occur, from postponement of the event itself, cake malfunctions, bad weather, to even staff no-shows (unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for a missing groom!).  Of course, a comprehensive plan like this comes with a formidable price tag, but for the biggest event of your life, you would not want to be cutting any corners. Continue Reading →

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Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance Claims

How can you replace your property if you don’t know what it is, how much you have or what kind it is? Anyone who owns or rents a home or condo is always at risk for property damage, whether it be from natural disasters or by robbery or theft.  As a safety precaution, it is important to not only know the worth of your belongings, but also to keep a record of them in the unfortunate event that you might have to file for an insurance claim to replace your lost belongings. BMR Insurance recommends keeping an accurate record of your belongings. It will not only ensure that you will have adequate insurance to cover your assets, but will also simplify the process of filing insurance claims.

The best way to keep record of what you have is through compiling an inventory.  There are several ways to conduct inventory for your home.  You can do a home walk-through yourself—just verbally record your belongings into a tape recorder or log your belongings in a structured form as you go.  But the fastest, most efficient and accurate method of documenting your belongings is to literally document them through a video recording. Continue Reading →

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Know Your Insurance Sublimits and Make Sure You’re Covered

BMR Insurance is determined to make sure that every homeowner has the right insurance coverage for not only the property, but also its contents. When most people get their homeowners insurance, it’s as they are trying to complete the confusing, and often frustrating, process of purchasing their property, and they are not looking carefully at what it actually covers.

Many homeowners insurance policies have blanket coverage, and have “sublimits” on certain items. What is a sublimit? It’s the amount of coverage available to cover a specific type of loss; for instance, if you have an expensive piece of jewelry worth $5,000, your insurance may only cover it up to $1,500 unless you have set the sublimit higher. Make sure you know what your sublimits are for expensive and valuable items in your home and make sure you’re covered. Continue Reading →

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