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Prevent Car Break-Ins: 7 Great Tips

Don’t let this happen to you! Be smart.

Not worried about your car getting broken in to? Think that because you have an alarm, the items in your car are safe? That’s not necessarily true. Each year, over $1.25 BILLION in personal items and accessories are stolen from vehicles in almost 2 million thefts. And that only covers the actual break-ins–experts estimate that for every theft, there are several break-ins and break-in attempts.

But, if you keep some self-awareness and try these common-sense tips from BMR Insurance, you’ll have less chance of being part of that statistic.

1. Lock your doors: Yeah, no kidding, you say. But law enforcement agencies report that up to one quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars–don’t think that just popping in to the store for a pack of gum or snack isn’t enough time for a theft to happen. That gives those just hanging around for an easy target their perfect opportunity…so lock up! Continue Reading →

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The Best Spots in California for Water Sports

Laguna Beach, CA

Now that the sun is blazing in Southern California, let’s get out and enjoy it! California has the best in water sports, both in freshwater lakes and along the shore. Here are some of BMR Insurance’s favorite spots in the Southland—but please don’t go before getting one of our 30-Minute Insurance Makeovers. Make sure that all of the vehicles that you’re taking with you are insured, from your truck to your boat to your ATVs. Accidents can happen, and through no fault of your own. What if someone steals one of your jet skis while you’re at a restaurant? What if someone drives an ATV into your truck?

Places like “the River” or Lake Havasu are places where people like to kick back and relax, and they might not control their alcohol intake before they take control of their vehicles, either land or water. Did you know that two-thirds of boating accident deaths are from drowning? And that 90% of those people were not wearing a life preserver? We know they look dorky, and that you look like an ace on your water skis when you’ve just wearing your bathing suit, but let’s focus on safety for everyone and less about looking “cool”.

So gather the kids, some towels and a gallon of sunscreen and saddle up for a late summer family vacation! Are we there yet? Continue Reading →

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The Top 10 Cars Most Frequently Stolen in 2010

The Nissan Maxima comes in at Number 7

What kind of car are you driving? If it’s an SUV, it seems that you’ve got a higher chance of it being stolen, broken into or stripped. You’d think it would be safer and less attractive than perhaps a sports car, don’t you? But out of the top ten cars most stolen, there’s only two sports cars on the list versus five SUVs, two trucks and one lonely sedan.

Numbers 10, 9 and 8 are actually American cars, believe it or not. What does that say to the Big Three? There’s people out there that DO buy your cars, but more out there that steal them? It doesn’t make sense somehow! But all three hold a lot of passengers, so perhaps they have appeal to the joyriders out there. Continue Reading →

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What Do You Do After You’re Robbed? BMR’s 8 Top Tips.

If your house is burgled, be prepared.

Often times we find ourselves in a situation that we don’t want to be in. Coming home and finding your apartment or home cleaned out by a thief is definitely one of them. But would you know what to do if something like this happened to you? The typical answer is to call the police. However, from an insurance standpoint, there are many things that can be done before and after a robbery that can help make the best of a bad situation.

1. Create a home inventory.

The worst time to realize that you haven’t done a home inventory is when you’re robbed. Do it right now, and then on a regular basis like monthly or quarterly. Ask BMR Insurance for help on what to record and if you need certain things covered under sublimits.

2. Don’t touch the scene of the crime.

Depending on the situation, the police need to perform an investigation. Do not clean up and definitely don’t move or put your fingerprints on anything, as that will compromise potential evidence.

3. Call the police.

Cooperate with the law officers so they have the best chances possible to find the perpetrator. Continue Reading →

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More Tips to Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

We had a great response from last week’s blog with a burglar’s-eye view of your home. We thought we’d add a few more this week to round it out, especially since it’s a popular time of year for vacations!

Pay heed–these tips are simple, but easy to forget. Even though we’re in the insurance business, we’d really rather you never have to use it…

Here’s EIGHT more things a burglar won’t tell you:

1. Sometimes, I carry a clipboard. Sometimes, I dress like a gardener and carry a rake. But I always do my best to never, ever look like a crook.

2. The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbors. Continue Reading →

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