Does Suicide Invalidate My Life Insurance Policy?

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Ronald Perry , who took his own life last week by jumping in front of a Metrolink train at the Irvine station (see news article here).  It is a tragic incident and we at BMR Insurance are deeply saddened by the entire ordeal.  […]

Coastal Areas to See a Rise in Cost of Home Insurance

Do you live in Laguna Beach, or one of the other towns blasted by the deluge of rain we saw in December, 2010? Do you live in Tustin? Many don’t realize how often this area gets flooded. A recent Los Angeles Times article mentioned how the cost of home insurance is expected to rise again […]

Money-Saving Trends for Auto Insurance

Auto insurance rates may always be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean that consumers should not try to get the most out of the hefty premiums they have to pay every year.  The following auto insurance trends forecasted for 2011 can actually favor auto insurance policy holders, and with the right course of action […]

Santa Ana’s Saddleback Inn Burned, But Who Pays for the Clean Up?

The Saddleback Inn in Santa Ana was a long-time landmark of Orange County, once a major hotel back in the 1960’s and then in its last years a temporary lodging for low-income tenants. Tragically, the Saddleback Inn caught fire this past week, and all that remains now of the old hotel is a pile of […]