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Insure Your Teen Driver!

Do you remember where your teen driver was last Friday? In future, you really should.

Historically, May 20th has been marked as the worst day for teen drivers, with research showing that on this date the number of car accidents involving teenagers spike significantly.  Although the cause is not certain, experts think that it has to do with summer events like graduation, parties and prom, all social events that could encourage reckless teen driving on the roads.  On average, 21 teens die on May 20th every year, which is double the normal amount on any other given day.  And although the number of teen deaths in car related accidents has dropped significantly in the last ten years, it was still reported in 2009 that over 3,500 teens die each year from car accidents.

In the past decade, many measures have been taken to further reduce the number of teens in car crashes.  One of the most successful implementations to tackle this goal is something called graduated licensing laws, which gradually ease teens into risky driving situations as they begin to get more acclimated to driving.   For example, in the initial stages of driving, there will be certain restrictions enforced upon teens, such a driving curfew, which would restrict teens from driving past 9 or 10 PM.  Another example would be limiting the number of passengers a teen may transport.

Still, the statistic for teen deaths in car related accidents is unsettling, and BMR Insurance encourages all parents to take all measures possible to keep their teens safe while driving. Parents have a lot more authority than they think, and even simple reminders to your teens will help them towards better driving habits.

And of course, remember to properly insure your teen with comprehensive automobile insurance.  BMR Insurance can get you great automobile insurance rates for your family and your teen. For a complimentary insurance policy review or if you would like to learn more about saving money on auto insurance for your teen, call BMR Insurance today at (714) 838-1911 to speak to one of our agents or visit our website at and fill out a contact us form.

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Condo Owners: Are You Fully Insured?

Last week BMR Insurance received a frantic call from a client who found out that her purchased condo was not entirely insured as she had believed, consequently leading her to possibly be responsible for $28,000 dollars worth of damages after the water heater broke and flooded the entire downstairs of the unit.  Unfortunately, after reviewing her policy, we found that she indeed was not insured properly, and the assessed damages were undeniably her responsibility.  What happened?

Many people are under the impression that condominium and home associations provide full-coverage insurance for their tenants, but that is not the case.  Similar to renters’ insurance, condo insurance only provides up to a certain level of protection for tenants’ personal property and liability.  For additional coverage, tenants and condo owners need to look into additional plans and policies to tack onto their existing condo association’s insurance.

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Texting While Driving Fines Have Increased!

Texting while driving fines have increased and offenses now count towards points on driver's records, which could drive up your car insurance premiums.

In a survey, many Californians admitted that the most distracting factors while driving on the road include talking on the phone, texting, kids in the car, other drivers and usage of other electronic devices.  BMR Insurance held our own survey in this month’s email newsletter, and true enough, a whopping 60% of our readers claimed the same thing– texting while driving is the biggest distraction while driving!

The initial bill that banned cell phone usage while driving charges a base ticket fee of $20 for the first offense, with various additional fees driving the final ticket price up to $208.  However, in the last month the California state Senate recently approved another bill that would stack on additional fines for using a cell phone while driving; the bill would increase the base fine of the ticket to $50, which could end up costing drivers almost $328 after the final fees.

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Fire Insurance for Buildings

A pile of surplus electronics caught fire last week near a few of the Tustin Unified School District-owned buildings near A.G. Currie Middle School.  Around 100 computers, printings and VCRs combusted, causing a fire reaching heights of nearly 50 feet, spreading to a nearby storage container and also damaging a portable building! The fire also interrupted several baseball games at nearby school fields, which had a gas line running underneath them.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, and officials are still in the process of assessing the damages caused by the fire.  To read more about the incident, click here.

Commercial buildings and schools need a lot of insurance, and BMR Insurance hopes our readers can see why, especially from this incident! Generally, schools opt for commercial landlord insurance in order to protect them from an extensive list of perils, which usually includes property risks and damages, financial risks, liability risks and personal injury risk. The first section of commercial landlord policy covers all of the school’s contents and properties that remain on-campus.  To keep these records accurate, it is best for the school to keep an updated inventory list of all replacement cost items.  Commercial landlord insurance also has a section covering issues such as “business interruption”, which allocates temporary accommodation in the event of a major disaster that causes displacement.  Commercial landlord insurance also covers employers’ liability as well.

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