Golf Cart Insurance

Nowadays, golf carts are not just for the golf range anymore! You can find golf carts as modes of transportation used in elderly and senior citizen communities, small towns like Laguna Beach, and even as tourist recreational activities on Catalina Island.  With the rising price of fuel, it’s no wonder more and more people are […]

Motorcyclists Need Insurance, too!

Summertime entails more time outdoors and under the sun—surfers will be hitting the waves, nature enthusiasts are out on trails, and bikers are perusing down the highway interstate, taking in the beautiful weather.  BMR Insurance knows the exhilaration of riding out on the road, and we have to agree with motorcyclists that there is no […]

Protect Yourself and Your ATV: Get Insurance!

BMR Insurance loves the outdoors, and we enjoy taking advantage of the eclectic range of outdoor activities during the summer.   From surfing the Newport waves to hiking down in the beautiful Laguna canyon, you can be sure to find us being active while we are away from the office.  One of our favorite outdoor activities […]