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9 Ways to Lower Your Car Expenses

Don’t pay this guy to change your oil! Do that yourself, and pay him for the essential tune-up.

Last week we discussed how a very rich man is trying to get richer by raising the auto insurance rates on people who don’t have continuous insurance. This is going to affect a lot of people in Orange County with the current economy, who may be forced to sell their cars to cover their living costs, or who have decided to make their commute on the new Amtrak and Metro system that covers Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles.

If your car expenses seem to be a significant part of your monthly budget, we at BMR Insurance wanted to give you nine easy tips on how to reduce that cost. That’s just the kind of folks we are. Continue Reading →

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Part 3: What the Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

Are your personal belongings covered if this happens to you? Probably not. Call us to find out! Photo courtesy of CNN.

Yes, it gets worse. Like the twist at the end of a movie that you didn’t see coming, here’s three more surprises you might find from your insurance company or claim:

7. What happens if a neighbor’s dog gets into your yard and destroys your patio furniture? Well, it’s likely you’re not covered. That’s why victims of Katrina were shocked to find that even though they had flood insurance their personal belongings lost in the storm weren’t covered. Continue Reading →

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Part 2: What the Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

Is this home overinsured? How can you tell? Read on.

Here’s the next three items in this look behind the scenes in insurance companies. If you find any of these outrageous and want more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to call us. That’s what we’re here for! And we love to help our customers.

4. Privacy? What privacy? Guess what—now the home insurance companies have access to a special version of a credit report, and it’s all about you. Even past “behavioral patterns”, whatever that means. It sounds pretty invasive, if you ask us. Continue Reading →

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What Aren’t the Insurance Companies Telling You? Part 1

Is this how you keep your home insured without claims? The mailman feels better...

As insurance brokers, we have an insight into the insurance companies that the man-on-the-street doesn’t have. By using us, we can help you avoid, or at least understand, why insurance companies seem to have such arbitrary policies. Here’s 3 out of the top 10 things that insurance companies won’t tell you:

  1. Why, after 10 years without a claim, would a home insurer drop the customer from its “preferred” list when he filed two claims (one for burglary and one for a damaged roof) only worth $3,000? Continue Reading →
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