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Do You Need Workers Comp for Your Gardener?

Although the economy is slowly trying to stabilize itself, it can still be pretty expensive to hire a licensed contractor to work on your home. But you should. Why? Because as a homeowner in California, you probably cannot afford the risk that is involved in hiring an uninsured contractor. The state of California requires ALL employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance, even if it is for a one-time job. Continue Reading →

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Your Home Insurance Cost Based on Your Local Fire Department?

In California, we don’t experience too much of the four main seasons, which is why many enjoy our sunny weather. However, we do experience many unconventional seasons, one of which includes a dry climate, blustery winds and roaring fire. This year’s exceptionally dry winter and lack of rainfall has been good cause for concern. Although, despite California’s high fire risk, there are some easy ways to protect your home, decrease your insurance, and prevent a visit from the local fire department. Continue Reading →

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Is Mold Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance Policies?

With our Southern California weather careening back and forth between unseasonably hot spells and bouts of wind and rain, there is probably a monster lurking in your home that is silent and possibly deadly.

Forget about termites or cockroaches, this type of weather is perfect for fostering mold growth, and it may or may not be covered under your home insurance policy. Continue Reading →

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Crackdown on Workers Comp Insurance Fraud In California

California is not known as the friendliest place for small business owners—in fact, it’s ranked as third from the bottom. One of the big costs for small business owners, especially those in the trades (construction, roofing, flooring, landscaping, HVAC, etc.), is workers compensation insurance.

Yes, it’s a nuisance. But we’ve written many blogs about how important having workers comp insurance is—it’s essential. Without it, your whole business could be ruined in a shot.

Yet there seems to be an “underground economy” in California, where business owners are either under reporting payroll or paying people under the table to avoid high workers comp insurance premiums or payroll taxes. Continue Reading →

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A DUI Doesn’t Always Mean an Alcohol Related Incident

Pat thompson-Yates was killed by a driver high on crystal meth.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Pat Thompson-Yates, a recent victim of a DUI accident. Yates was a 77-year old lady who had just begun enrolling in classes at a local junior college here in Orange County, and had dreams of earning her bachelor’s degree and traveling to France. Sadly, her life was taken all too abruptly by a driver under the influence of methamphetamines. Continue Reading →

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