Top Ten Ways to Spring Clean Your Home to Avoid Fires

Here we are, nearly in April, and there has been far too little rainfall in the past three months. The fire season will burn brighter and longer than previous years, and there is only so much your insurance will cover. Remember: If accidents occur because the owner did not keep up reasonable maintenance or neglected […]

Tides Turning for Forced Insurance Policies by Lenders

Times can be tough, even in a state of slow economic recovery, especially for homeowners across America. Right now, homeowners throughout California are complaining about the outrageous rates required by the forced homeowners’ insurance policies purchased by their mortgage lenders. According to Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones of California, these policies are “at a price higher […]

Will OC’s New Fire Hazard Maps Raise Your Insurance Premiums?

Last week we informed you about how your local firehouse ratings could affect your insurance. This week, we wanted to cover growing local concern over recently released fire hazard maps in the Orange County area. The new maps indicate that a much wider range of populated neighborhoods are deemed high fire severity zones, and have […]

Going on a Trip? Is Your Rental Car Insured?

When you go on a trip the last thing you want to worry about is rental car insurance. You have already booked the flight, made reservations at the hotel, and now you just need to pay for your transportation at your destination. Should you spend the extra money to purchase rental car insurance, or should […]