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Safety Tips on Barbecueing for Memorial Day in Orange County

Don't leave your barbeque unattended. Please.

Did you know that 6,900 home fires were started because of gas grills? That’s not the total number—that’s on average PER YEAR between 2005 and 2009! And if you’re smirking because you use charcoal, this might wipe the smile off your face: Charcoal and other solid-fueled grills were involved in an annual average of 1,100 home fires during the same time period.

These are statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, and not ones we just made up to scare you. And with Memorial Day coming up this weekend, we want to make sure our readers are prepared! Continue Reading →

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Prep Your Car for This Summer’s Road Trip: 9 Things to Check

We know, we know. Road trips sound like something from the 1950s, where families piled in the huge station wagon and wound their way through our fair United States. But is it really that crazy? With the hassle of airports and the cost of airline tickets going up almost exponentially, it makes higher gas prices not quite so scary.

Four airline fares to Hawaii in June could cost over $2,500 dollars. Could you spend that much in gas, even driving from Tustin to Yellowstone National Park? Not quite. And no, Yellowstone is not Waikiki Beach, but who knows? What with iPads and other mobile devices, you can probably keep the kids pretty occupied on the trip, unlike those days back in the 50s when they had to rely on (gasp!) their imagination. Or, even worse, READ A BOOK. Continue Reading →

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Make Sure Your Graduate is Covered by Car Insurance

Is your graduate off to college, or to real life? Help them with car insurance coverage.

It’s hard to see them leave the nest, even if part of you is happy at the thought of the smaller laundry loads, a cheaper grocery bill and the peace and quiet. But today’s high school grads moving into college have a lot to worry about. And it’s something you’ve worried about for years: Affording college. Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Gives OC Business Owners a Break on Commercial Auto Insurance

Don’t let a freeway mishap destroy your business!

One thing that America has always been, no matter the state of the economy, a land of opportunity. And now is a great time for entrepreneurs to get out and finally live their dream of being a business owner! And although California is a great place to live, yet again Chief Executive magazine has ranked the state dead last in their list of states with good business climates. That is why we, at BMR Insurance, make it our mission to help out business owners by giving them great deals on their commercial auto insurance. Continue Reading →

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