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Send Your Kid to College with an Auto Insurance Discount

Is your graduate off to college, or to real life? Help them with car insurance coverage.

Sending a child off to college usually creates a mixture of emotions for parents. On one hand, they’re a little sad that their child has reached an age of such independence, but on the other hand, they’re so proud of how they’ve turned out…and a little excited to have the house to themselves.

Another factor in this mix is finances. As proud as you are of your son or daughter getting in to that prestigious school, pride is not going to help you pay for the tuition, the room and board, the books and all the other expenses. (Yes, try to ignore the fact that some of that allowance money will be spent on beer.) Continue Reading →

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Behold the Stand-Up Paddle Phenomena

Do not try this your first time out, please.

Even though Tustin is a landlocked city, we’re not too far from the beach. And off the coast of just about every beach and in every harbor seems to be a paddleboarder. It could be one lone silhouette on the horizon, or a group of newbies learning from an instructor.

But believe it or not, it’s not just popular here on the California coast. Continue Reading →

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Auto Insurance Update: Cities With Worst Car Theft Rates

Don't give thieves a free ride.

Guess what? We live in the state with seven out of 10 cities on the list of those with the worst car theft rates. Now, before you panic, none of them are in Orange County. Sigh of relief, right?

Yes and no. You might still travel through these places, and the other three on the list, at some point, and it is always good to be aware of automobile theft. Continue Reading →

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What NOT To Do When an Earthquake Hits!

elevatorMost of us California residents know exactly what to do in the event of an earthquake, especially if we grew up here. Do you remember the earthquake drills in elementary schools, teaching you to get under your desk and cover the back of your neck with your hands? Second only in popularity to the fire drill of “Stop, Drop and Roll”…

But there are people moving to Southern California every day from across the nation, and across the world. Blame our beautiful weather or thriving business environment, but either way, we’re a draw for immigrants looking for sun and success. And these people may have never experienced the “fun” of an earthquake before, so we thought we’d outline the definite “DON’Ts” for our quake newbies! Continue Reading →

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