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Winter Is Coming: Is Your Roof Ready?

Don't wait this long to get your roof checked!

Yes, we swear. Even though it’s sweltering out there right now, winter is indeed on its way. And even though our winter won’t be as bad as the fictional winter of the Game of Thrones, we should be bracing for an El Niño. Last year we had an La Niña winter, which means it was dry and fairly warm, so you can guess what an El Niño is—a heck of a lot of wet, cold rain.

Because there are varying degrees of an El Niño weather system, we’re not absolutely sure what to expect this year in the way of wind, rain and flooding. We’re in the insurance business to keep our customers safe, happy and in this case, dry. Continue Reading →

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How To Prevent Your Car From Going Up in Flames

Don't worry—they were only fictional characters. Real CHPs won't cause your car to explode.

It’s not just homes, businesses and forests that can catch fire. Remember around the New Year of 2011/2012, when that lunatic was running around Los Angeles setting cars on fire? Not only did this man destroy several cars, those cars were in carports or parking structures that then caught on fire—and that, my friends, can cause a big problem for a lot of people.

That said, it doesn’t take a maniac arsonist to start a car fire. An automobile can catch fire just fine on its own, and for many reasons. The National Fire Protection Association says that mechanical or electrical issues are the most common causes, but a fire can also be the result of a bad crash. Continue Reading →

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Be Prepared: September is National Preparedness Month!

Click on the image to order emergency kits like this for your home or office.

It seems like every month we see something on the news that makes us think about how we should be prepared. We had some earthquakes last month here in Southern California, Northern California’s had some wildfires that caused evacuations, and of course Hurricane Issac battered the Louisiana coast, and even caused damage inland.

And Southern Californians, take note: Those in the weather business have been predicting an El Niño this winter, which means heavy rain and mudslides. Continue Reading →

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California Continues Its Prosecution of Workers Comp Insurance Fraud

Workers’ compensation is a good thing, don’t get us wrong. There are many jobs out there that are physically taxing, strenuous and some that are downright dangerous. We’ve all seen construction workers and roofers scrambling around on the frames of buildings, or window washers clinging to the side of a high rise.

These are pretty obvious examples of how workers could get injured while on the job. But what about office workers? Continue Reading →

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