Be Safe, Tustin! Halloween Fire Safety Tips from BMR Insurance

No child can resist the lure of Halloween, it seems. And why not? Besides the promise of bags and bags of candy and treats, they get to dress up as their favorite princess, superhero or character. It’s when the whole nation comes together to play “Pretend”! But because children get so excited about the holiday, […]

Scam Artists Prey on Disaster Victims, Even in Orange County

We might think that just because we’re in affluent Orange County, where usually not much happens in the way of disasters, we’re safe from scam artists. Just because we don’t have hurricanes, flooding rivers, tornadoes or blizzards—just wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes—doesn’t mean we don’t have criminals that are ready to make money off the back […]

Fire Facts: It’s National Fire Prevention Week!

We take house fires pretty seriously here at BMR Insurance Agency. We truly care about our customers and their families, and want to make sure that they never have to use that homeowners insurance policy we set up for them. But in case of emergency, we also want everyone to know exactly what they should […]

Mountain Biking in Orange County

We’ve been promised that the temperatures will calm down by the end of this week, and we can’t wait. Not just because our air conditioning usage (and therefore our electricity bill) will drop considerably, but also we want to get in to some fall clothes, cooking and activities. Now, we don’t get a traditional “autumn” […]