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Tustin Named as Forbes’ Top 25 Towns to Live Well

For over 30 years, BMR's experienced team has helped Tustin businesses succeed.

We knew it already, didn’t we? For sure, BMR Insurance Agency wouldn’t be celebrating over 30 years in business in Tustin if it wasn’t such a wonderful place to live.

But it’s always nice to get confirmation! And that’s exactly what Forbes Magazine did late last year, telling the world what a lovely life we live here in Tustin. Continue Reading →

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Are You Underinsured on Fire Damage Coverage? We Can Help.

You can never tell how close the wildfires will get to the suburbs.

We hope that your home is never destroyed by a fire, but it can happen. Especially with Southern California’s Santa Ana winds, which can whip up a simple fire and make it widespread and deadly.

Some people have found out that this isn’t the worst part of losing your home. The worst part comes when you submit the insurance claim, only to find out that you’re underinsured. Continue Reading →

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The Northridge Earthquake’s 19th Anniversary: January 17, 2013

This is not from a disaster movie. This is an actual photo from the Northridge earthquake in 1994.

Why are we talking about the 19th anniversary of an earthquake? Because it’s important to remember earthquake safety all the time. The most dangerous thing about earthquakes, besides their potential devastation, is that we cannot predict them with any certainty.

Nineteen years ago last Thursday, the San Fernando Valley in Southern California was violently shaken by what is now known as the Northridge earthquake. Lives were lost, and there was widespread catastrophic damage estimated at $15 billion in the earthquake that measured 6.7 on the Richter scale. Continue Reading →

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Hitting the Slopes This Winter? Insure Those Skis.

Planning on hitting the slopes with your own skis?

We haven’t had a ton of snow yet in California to make the ski season exciting. Yet….let’s hope we get a few more winter storms that make Mammoth, Tahoe and Bear Valley worth the drive for some excellent skiing on the slopes.

But many ski and snowboarding enthusiasts won’t wait for the skiing to get good here in California, and will pack their skis on a plane to get to Vail and Aspen in Colorado, Sun Valley in Idaho or  Park City in Utah. Continue Reading →

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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

Look at more than the sticker price when buying a new car.

It’s the second week of January—have you broken any of your New Year’s resolutions yet? If one of them was to start saving pennies each month, this blog will be just what you need to have a successful resolution to feel smug about.

It’s hard to write that check to your car insurance company each month, isn’t it? You always curse California for its insurance requirement and daydream about what you could be spending that money on. But let’s focus that energy on making that monthly number smaller, and then you will find that you do have extra cash to spend on a vacation or something special. Continue Reading →

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January Checklist for Home Improvement

Take care of your home, and it will last longer and provide higher resale values.

As a year ends and a new one begins, many of us make resolutions about being more active, eating a better diet, weeding through an old wardrobe or cleaning out cupboards for donations to goodwill. But what about your house? It can’t make these kind of plans to spruce itself up or keep itself in shape to live a long, healthy life.

Regular home maintenance is good for a property, extending its “economic age”, a term meaning the number of years a house is expected to survive. Continue Reading →

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