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BMR Insurance Agency in Tustin Now Offers Travel Coverage

"Did we take a wrong turn, honey? I thought we were going to Florida this year..."

“Did we take a wrong turn, honey? I thought we were going to Florida this year…”

Do you travel for business? Perhaps you’re retired and have the time to enjoy all those places around the world you hadn’t seen, taking flights and cruises every other month? Or maybe you’re just planning a trip to see the family this holiday season, or a big family reunion next summer?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll be happy to know that your favorite local insurance agency is now offering comprehensive travel medical insurance policies. You might ask yourself why this would be necessary, but consider these facts: Continue Reading →

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Discover Free Events in Orange County

Don't miss Laguna Beach's ArtWalk every first Thursday of the month!

Don’t miss Laguna Beach’s ArtWalk every first Thursday of the month!

We all know that there’s ways to entertain ourselves in our fair county of Orange without shelling out any cash—the beach, parks, hiking trails and cycling trails. But there’s much more to our area than that! So the next time the kids complain that they’re bored, or you can’t be bothered to pack the car and go to the beach, have a look at our handy guide and get going—for free! Continue Reading →

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Five Quick & Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Whether you’ve put your house on the market to sell or you’re just expecting guests for the holidays, here’s some easy ways to add curb appeal to your home. If you’ve already got Halloween decorations up, you may want to wait until they come down to start the projects, but many you can get started on immediately. Or, you can use these next few weeks before the holiday to plan your approach. Continue Reading →

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Halloween is All Around Us in Orange County!


Christmas with its festive decorations, food and presents is arguably the biggest and most uplifting holiday we have in any given year. Red, white and silver seem to be the dominant colors and Santa Claus surrounded by elves and reindeer are the stars of the season. Everything sparkles!

But that’s not for a few months, so right now there is Halloween! Sure, orange and black are the primary color scheme, but that’s where uniformity ends and human imagination takes a (strangle)hold on costuming and decorations. Most is all in the theme of having fun looking and acting like some terrible ghost or zombie, but you can never call Halloween “predictable”. Continue Reading →

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