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Four Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent in the New Year

Did you get some new golf clubs this holiday season? Call us.

Did you get some new golf clubs this holiday season? Call us.

It’s been a busy time for everyone, and we’re not quite done yet! With New Year’s Eve celebrations around the corner, the parties are still in full swing. But that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of practical things, and we’d like to help make taking care of those things easier for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of why you should give us a call early in 2014 to check in with your insurance agent.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain. In fact, you might lose out if you don’t call and have us review your policies! Here’s why: Continue Reading →

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Prevent Home Thefts and Break-Ins This Christmas and New Year

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The retail stores love it this time of year, as they account for up to 70% of their business in the weeks leading up to the big day—Black Friday and Cyber Monday always help too! But it’s also a time of year that another group loves—thieves. They know that your garage or spare closet is full of the latest electronics, designer clothes, expensive jewelry and fashion footwear, all waiting for the big day. And they’re not afraid to break in and get it.

But if you follow these simple tips on preventing thefts, you’ll have a great holiday season—the kind where your family gets to enjoy all the wonderful gifts and you don’t have to call your insurance agent. Those aren’t the calls we like to get—we are happy to help, of course, but it’s so sad to hear of these incidents. So let’s make sure they don’t happen! Continue Reading →

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Protect Yourself From Online Christmas Scams

Two gift boxes

Shopping. Cooking. Company Christmas party. Kids’ school Christmas party. More shopping. Decorating. Baking. Neighbors’ Christmas party. Present wrapping. Grocery shopping. When does it all end?

Sadly, it could come to a screeching halt if you get caught out on one of the many scams going on this holiday season. We’re so frazzled during Christmastime that sometimes we can let down our guard—and that’s exactly what the criminals are waiting for.

This is especially true if you are doing any online shopping. Which, let’s be honest here, is so much easier than fighting the crowds at the mall, especially if you’re already fighting your bored children. So here’s a few tips to keep in mind this month while you’re shopping on the Internet: Continue Reading →

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Protect Against Orange County’s Coyotes

Is this your idea of a coyote? They're not in the woods—they're in Orange County.

Is this your idea of a coyote? They’re not in the woods—they’re in Orange County.

You’ve probably heard stories, and maybe even seen a few, early in the morning on your way to work. Coyotes are more prevalent in Orange County than you may think—they are becoming urbanized. They aren’t afraid to live near humans, especially since we provide them with all sorts of food, usually unintentionally.

According to Orange County Animal Care, most of the coyotes seen in our area’s streets are the offspring of several generations of coyotes who have been living in urban and suburban neighborhoods. This means that they are as comfortable in our towns and cities (in every state but Hawaii!) as our pets, but it doesn’t mean that they are domesticated like dogs and cats. In order to coexist with these wild animals, we need to take some safeguards to protect our homes and our pets. Continue Reading →

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