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Client Spotlight: Legacy Builders SoCal


At BMR Insurance, we are both lucky and proud to have so many clients with integrity, from individuals and families to local businesses. Every once in a while, we like to feature one of these business clients to allow more people to get to know them. This week, we’re featuring Legacy Builders SoCal.

This company is one of Orange County’s top concrete and masonry specialists. Their work is second to none and, in addition to their quality of work, their clients consistently remark about their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction. They are able to achieve this high level of customer satisfaction through doing their best to understand a client’s needs, budget and deadlines before they start the project, to make sure they stay under budget and on time. Continue Reading →

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How Careful Is Your Teen Driver?

All parents of teens know how nerve-wracking it is: Taking them out to the empty parking lot, handing them the keys, explaining the parts of the car that are important, the eye-rolls from the teen. Of course, teens know everything and our careful explanations are nothing but annoying to them, while we’re trying to control our internal panic, thinking—How can they be old enough to drive? How can I let them take control of this car? Will I be able to handle letting them go on their own? What will they do when I’m not watching them? Do I have to confiscate their cellphone?

There was a Subaru commercial recently that pulled a lot of heartstrings. A father leans into a car’s passenger window, dispensing driving advice to an adorable 5-year-old blond child. As the camera focuses on the girl again before she drives off, we see the reality—her dad can’t help but think of his 16-year-old daughter as that little girl. Probably forever! Continue Reading →

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High-Tech Car Safety Features: Are They Worth It?

Car in a curve

If you’re in the market for a new car, you might notice that they’ve installed some safety features in the late model cars that go far beyond antilock brakes, the airbag or the rear-view camera. But do you really need them? What do they really do?

First of all, let’s go over the new optional car safety features you may be offered at the dealership: Continue Reading →

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Five Auto Insurance Tips for the New Year

Burning money on the road

Most people make resolutions at the new year, usually about eating better, losing weight, exercising more and even saving money. So we wanted to do what we do best: Help save you money!

By allowing one of BMR Insurance Agency’s experts to review your current auto insurance, we can uncover some opportunities for savings. It doesn’t matter whether your coverage is through another agency or with ours, it won’t cost you a thing to have us complete the review! What are you waiting for? Get going early in the new year on at least one of your resolutions by reading our five auto insurance tips for the new year: Continue Reading →

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