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Insure Your Happiness—and Your Insurance Rate

Cost of MotoringTired of watching those insurance company ads and thinking you could get a better deal? Not quite sure you’re getting the rates you were promised when you switched carriers last time?  Well, you’re not alone, and maybe it’s time to be smarter about your insurance coverage.

At BMR we are an independent insurance firm, which means that we are not affiliated with any one insurer.  BMR offers services from more than 100 insurance companies.  What does this mean for you? It’s good news—BMR can find you the best coverage to meet your needs at the best rate whether it be auto, home, commercial insurance, and more.  Oh, and also personalized service from a friendly BMR representative. Continue Reading →

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It’s Not Just Winter—El Niño Is Coming

White sea

It’s time to go out and purchase a pair of rain boots! (Especially for you Southern Californians who probably don’t have any.)  Scientists are predicting that our drought will soon be over thanks to a 70 percent chance that an El Niño will be here by the end of the summer. This weather pattern is predicted to last well into a turbulent winter, bringing with it torrential downpours and flooding while other areas of the globe will be affected by droughts, severe winds, and destroyed crops.

This heavy rainfall is going to significantly increase the risk of landslides and mudslides in the area, especially in combination with the drought that we are currently experiencing. The drought means that hillside vegetation hasn’t had the energy to root properly, and these plants usually hold the earth on the hillsides. So when these rains come, the landslides follow. Continue Reading →

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Rideshare Cars: Uber Fast, Uber Convenient… Uber Uninsured?


Everyone has been talking about rideshare companies, like Uber, SideCar and Lyft, recently, and not just because it’s been a very convenient way to catch a reasonably priced private driver who happens to be very near you. Using an app on your smartphone, you can see which drivers are near your location, and ask one to pick you up. You can even pay through the app and have a receipt emailed to you.

What’s wrong with that? It sounds like technology is finally making our lives easier, are we right? Well, no.  Continue Reading →

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