Insure Your Happiness—and Your Insurance Rate

Tired of watching those insurance company ads and thinking you could get a better deal? Not quite sure you’re getting the rates you were promised when you switched carriers last time?  Well, you’re not alone, and maybe it’s time to be smarter about your insurance coverage. At BMR we are an independent insurance firm, which […]

It’s Not Just Winter—El Niño Is Coming

It’s time to go out and purchase a pair of rain boots! (Especially for you Southern Californians who probably don’t have any.)  Scientists are predicting that our drought will soon be over thanks to a 70 percent chance that an El Niño will be here by the end of the summer. This weather pattern is […]

Car Recalls: Do They Really Matter?

Did you know that 22 MILLION cars were recalled last year in the United States? That’s according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. If you think that’s a lot, guess how many cars have been recalled in 2014 already—and remember, it’s only April—13 million. Here’s a rundown of this year’s recalls by company:

Rideshare Cars: Uber Fast, Uber Convenient… Uber Uninsured?

Everyone has been talking about rideshare companies, like Uber, SideCar and Lyft, recently, and not just because it’s been a very convenient way to catch a reasonably priced private driver who happens to be very near you. Using an app on your smartphone, you can see which drivers are near your location, and ask one […]