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How to Ride a Bike in Orange County

Boy learning to ride

Love riding your bike around town?  With its beautiful weather and scenery, Orange County is the perfect place for you, your family and your friends to get outdoors and take a ride. There are plenty of routes to choose from, whether you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon bike ride or a vigorous workout. And it’s so much better than doing it indoors at the gym!

There are even communities of bikers that you can join for a group ride along the gorgeous coast, or wherever it may be. The OC is the perfect places for bikers; some even argue it’s the best in the world because of the perfect weather, scenery and trails.

Orange County includes many different cities so there are a multitude of biking routes and trails to choose from, for all different levels of experience. Technically, most of the county is covered in biking routes because there are bike lanes and sidewalks almost everywhere you look. These are ideal for taking a leisurely afternoon stroll with your family in tow. However, there are also designated routes you can take with fellow bike lovers. They range greatly in distance, elevation and intensity so make sure you have done your research and prepared properly before heading out. For a comprehensive list of the most popular biking trails, visit this site. Continue Reading →

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Nonprofits Plagued with Thefts, Scams and Phantom Purchases


A small business owner would probably find it pretty easy to spot a drain on finances somewhere in the books—that is, if they were looking. Small business owners usually have to account for every dollar to make a profit and pay their employees, and of course, report all of it on taxes, even if it’s a loss.

But what about big businesses? It might be easier for an employee to, say, skim a little money out of the coffers now and then, without it being missed. But even big business needs to keep track of profits and losses, not just for their shareholders, but also Uncle Sam and the IRS.

So keep that in mind when you look at these numbers: Continue Reading →

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Protect Your Home From California Wildfires


Clay-tile roofs have helped prevent houses from burning down.

The fires in San Diego yesterday were terrifying—wildfires are scary enough without them jumping over freeways! Several people lost their homes, more were evacuated, and almost 10,000 acres were scorched by fire.

This drought has our Southern California landscape parched of moisture and primed for wildfire, but luckily there are a few things that we can do to help protect our homes.

And with the recent spate of wildfires, everyone in Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties should complete these tasks right away! We’d even say that the Central Coast should take this advice immediately as well. Continue Reading →

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Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day


Don’t just buy her flowers—do something special for Mom this year!

For most of us, the most important person in our lives is our mother.  She’s been there for us from day one and has helped us through every struggle in life.  Some of you reading this are mothers, or have wives, girlfriends or significant others that have become the mother to your children. They all deserve to be celebrated!

This Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11 if you don’t already know!), do something extra special to show her just how much you appreciate her.  There are plenty of ways to express your love, from spending the day together crafting and cooking to going out and getting pampered.  This year treat her to something fun and different because, after all, she deserves it, right?

Orange County offers plenty to do for any occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception to this.  Continue Reading →

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Cinco de Drinko – Cinco de Mayo Is Almost Here!

tequilashots-1670228-loWe may not be living in Mexico, but Orange County is not that far.  We’ll take any excuse we can to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as May 5, celebrates Mexican heritage and pride, as well as Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla.  (It’s NOT Mexico’s Independence Day, by the way. That’s just our American ignorance making assumptions!) Continue Reading →

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