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Drowning Dangers: Swim Safely This Summer


Every year in the United States there are about ten unintentional drowning and water related accident deaths per day, 3,533 per year. Of these deaths, one in five are children age 14 and younger. There are even more nonfatal drowning accidents that can lead to severe brain damage and disabilities. These are some pretty scary statistics. With summer upon us and pool and beach season in full swing, don’t let your children and loved ones become one of these statistics.

Unfortunately for a 7-year-old boy from Miami, it is already too late. While swimming back in April, Calder Sloan died after being electrocuted in his own backyard swimming pool. It is still under investigation whether it was a result of faulty pool lighting that sent charges through the water because the ground cable was not properly functioning. Continue Reading →

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Conserve Water in Orange County With Container Gardening


California is currently in the most severe drought on record ever. As residents, we need to do everything we can to help conserve water and get us out of this situation. But at the same time most of us are not willing to sacrifice our lifestyle. We use water everyday for all sorts of activities, including gardening. So, we need to find a way to conserve water while still doing the things we love. How, you ask? The answer is container gardening.

Some of us who live in smaller spaces such as apartments and urban homes may already be practicing this art, but for others it is a new concept. Container gardening is the perfect solution for the Californian who loves growing the essential fruits, vegetables, and flowers at home while still conserving and lessening the amount of water necessary. It is extremely easy to do and perfect for growing produce in small spaces. Here are some ideas: Continue Reading →

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Auto Insurance Fraud On the Rise in California


Think you’re safe from being a victim of a fraud scheme? Well, think again. Fraudulent dealings are becoming increasingly more common, especially in California. Anybody can become a victim. Insurance fraud schemes are becoming a popular sport for criminals.

Auto insurance fraud claims have risen dramatically in the last few years, up to 11-15% of total payments. In fact, a four-year investigation into an organized fraud ring has just come to light in California with other $1 million missing and seventeen suspects. Continue Reading →

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Orange County Swimming Pool Safety For Children

girl in the swimming pool

A parent’s life is full of worry, from the moment the pregnancy starts to well, it never ends, does it? The first time you go out to dinner and leave them with a sitter, letting them go to their first day of school, taking the training wheels off the bike, the driver’s license that allows them to drive on their own or with friends, attending college…the occasions for worry and fear are endless.

And 99% of the time the worry and fear are unnecessary, thank goodness. The house didn’t burn down while they were with the sitter, they came home excited after school’s first day, and they managed not to crash the car again. Big sigh. Life is good.

But that’s not the case for the parents of Jasper Ray St. Claire. His parents, who live here in Tustin, instructed their sitter to not take their son to her house, as she had a swimming pool. Continue Reading →

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