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How Safe is Your Food? Peanut Butter Recall Alert


When we go to the market we assume that the food we are purchasing to feed our families is safe. But is it really? Lately there have been more recalls than ever before on products that are stocking the shelves. According to the CDC, one out of every six Americans is sickened by a foodborne illness each year. This amounts to 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. And if you’ve ever had this happen to you, you know just how unpleasant and dangerous this experience can be. Continue Reading →

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Keep Your Identity Safe While You’re Away


Vacation should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself…But what’s happening at home while you’re away? And where did you leave your passport? Could your identity be at risk?

Unfortunately, identity theft is a large problem in today’s world. We have to take steps to keep our identity secure and prevent someone from stealing it, especially when we are not at home living our normal lives, and paying attention to life’s little minutia.

This summer when you are packing the swimsuits and sunscreen in preparation for vacation, don’t forget to secure the identity of you and your family members before you leave for relaxation and fun in the sun. Follow these simple steps to help ensure your life is still waiting for you when you come back: Continue Reading →

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DIY Projects to Leave to the Professionals


While performing the labor on your own home improvement projects can save you money, unfortunately not everyone is Tim the Toolman and sometimes this can end up costing you more than you bargained for. On some projects, based on experience level, it is smarter to leave it to the professionals. This can end up saving you more money in the end because you are most likely going to have to call them in to fix your mess anyway. (Oh, come on. You know it’s true!)

Next time you think it might be fun to take on a DIY project, make sure that it’s something you can handle. Here are some projects that you may want to leave to the pros: Continue Reading →

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