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Old Gas Pipelines in California Pose Risk to Residents

gaspipes-15284207-webDid you know that most of the country’s natural gas pipelines for residential use were installed over 100 years ago? Today, leakages occur several times a week, and this can be deadly. How deadly? Over the last 10 years, according to NBC’s Nightly News, at least 135 people have died in gas line explosions across the country. Remember the San Bruno pipeline blast in 2010? That was a line that was installed in 1956, and the 30-inch pipe ruptured and destroyed more than 36 homes. The explosion was so intense that many residents thought it was an earthquake. Continue Reading →

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IRS Fraud Scheme

taxforms-4080110-webBeware of the IRS! But not for reasons you might think… A grand scheme has been in motion in which telephone scammers are claiming to be IRS agents and demanding that you owe them money, when in fact you do not.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was designed as the revenue service for the federal government and is responsible for collecting taxes and enforcing financial laws to keep all of our citizens safe. However, they are being taken advantage of and the opposite is happening. These scammers have gotten into their database and are calling people all across the country and demanding money or telling you that you are due a tax refund but they need personal information from you before they can send it out. Continue Reading →

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Wildfires In California Happen: Be Prepared


Living in Southern California we are especially at risk for being affected by a wildfire. That coupled with the severe drought that we are currently facing doubles the risk that a fire may break out near our homes, businesses, and families. Do you know what to do in the case of a wildfire burning near your home?

The American Red Cross is an agency that sends assistance when natural disasters have struck an area. However, they are also there to help before something horrific happens in order to minimize the effects of the disaster. This organization is already in place supporting those who have lost everything due to the wildfires that recently struck California. They are providing shelter, food, and support for those who are now homeless. Continue Reading →

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Insurance Coverage for Rental Trucks and Commercial Vehicles


Have you ever rented a U-Haul? Who hasn’t? What about one of those handy trucks you can get from the big-box hardware store to lug your purchases home, the ones you can’t fit in your sedan? Many of us have.

And if you’ve ever waived the insurance offered by any of these rental companies, assuming your personal auto insurance would cover it, you’d be mistaken. Continue Reading →

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The Basics of Moving Insurance


There are a lot of different things to plan and prepare for when you are making a big move and it can be quite stressful. But one thing that is easy to overlook in the midst of all of this chaos is getting moving insurance in case something goes wrong. You may have another form of insurance such as homeowners, but this will not cover any property that is lost or damaged during the move. Adding moving insurance will ensure that all of your items are covered, whether you’re moving across the country or just to the other side of the city.

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