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Top 10 Things to Do Before the Next Earthquake

china cabinet-2374151-webNobody knows when the next earthquake is going to hit. Sure, some seismologists may know seconds before the next one, but that’s really not long enough to figure out how to keep your water heater from falling over and burning your house down.

And that’s just one of the many preventative measures you can take before the next earthquake hits, whether it’s an hour or a year from now. We’re not being hysterical here, or fear mongering. These simple steps you can do today or this weekend could save you a lot of stress, injury and money in the event of another trembler. Anyone who lives in California who says the “Big One” isn’t coming is lying. Or has their head in the sand! And we’re certainly neither of those. So grab your toolbox and your family, and put these on your “to-do” list: Continue Reading →

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6 Safety Guidelines for DIY Halloween Costumes


Anyone can go out and buy a Halloween costume nowadays—that’s easy. But it’s also unoriginal. When you’ve got a really creative and original Halloween costume idea, or a child who wants to go as something simple like a ghost, you should make it yourself.

And although this can be fun, it can also be unsafe. Homemade costumes sometimes overlook basic safety issues, like fire-retardant material, masks that prevent clear vision and even sharp accessories. But even store-bought costumes can have these problems, so make sure you check out every costume that your child wears each year, no matter who made it.

Even though they look scary, the costume doesn’t have to be scary! Here are some tips for a safe Halloween costume: Continue Reading →

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Spooky Treats in Southern California For Halloween

jack-o-lanternDo you love celebrating fun holidays like Halloween? Do you also like having more fun for less cash? If you’re a AAA Auto Club member, we have some great deals for you this October. Going to theme parks isn’t always cheap, but it is a safe way to celebrate Halloween, which can be dangerous with nighttime outings like trick or treating, haunted houses and other parties and fun. AAA has brought the price down for this safe way to celebrate, but they haven’t toned down the spookiness! Here are five discounts you might want to take advantage of: Continue Reading →

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