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Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Trips

Don't drive with your dog loose in the car on long trips.

Don’t drive with your dog loose in the car on long trips.

There are some parts of the United States where weather will make it near impossible to leave the house, let alone get to families’ houses for Thanksgiving. We hope that everything calms down, weather-wise, in the next few days so that everyone can get where they want to be this Thanksgiving.

And for some people, that means driving. Here in California, we might have a little rain to deal with (Please? Pretty please?), but in other states, there is more hazardous weather to deal with. Apparently, over 42 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home over this holiday weekend. Will you be one of them? If so, and you’re driving farther than to the airport, please run down this list of driving tips and be prepared. Continue Reading →

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Airbag Recall in the Works from NHTSA?


Being in a car accident is never fun. In fact, it’s usually terrifying and dangerous. But that’s what airbags are for, right? To keep us safe in the event of a car accident?

We thought so, until recently. It’s true, we knew that you shouldn’t put your baby car seat in the front seat because the airbag could hurt them, and we knew that you could get a friction burn from them opening so fast. But flying shrapnel? What’s safe about that?

It’s true; there has been a massive airbag recall in the United States, covering many millions of vehicles, because of a faulty inflator and propellant device. Takata, the Japanese supplier, has made airbags that may deploy improperly in a crash, shooting metal fragments into the passengers of the vehicle. Not good. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Make These Homeowners Insurance Mistakes

hand on house-9495180-webYour home is one of your most prized possessions and the most important place in the world, because it’s where your life happens. It’s where your family grows and loves one another. It should be a place of constant joy and protection, but it can cause heartache in your wallet if you are making the wrong moves when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance.

Having insurance on your home is essential in protecting your family and being able to rebuild in case something tragic happens, like a natural disaster. One big mistake is not having enough coverage, but there are smaller mistakes that can be costing you big. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Fall Behind on Car Maintenance

Don't let this happen to you! Take precautions, and do your maintenance now.

Don’t let this happen to you! Take precautions, and do your maintenance now.

The leaves are changing and fall is upon us, and with it comes all kinds of harsh and disastrous weather. The shorter days, stronger winds, and cooler temperatures mean bad news for your property—that is, if you don’t prepare properly ahead of time. While insurance is essential if something tragic does occur, it is also important to take preventative measures to save everyone time, money, and stress.

While all of the major work needs to be left to the professionals, there are simple things that any car owner can do in order to prepare their car for the beating that it will take during the harsh winter. These easy DIY projects can save you time and a lot of hassle, as well as protect the safety of you and your loved ones that may be passengers. Continue Reading →

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