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Emergency Kits: Orange County, It’s Time to Be Ready


San Francisco is just one of the cities in California famous for earthquakes.

Just over 15 years ago, people were freaking out. People were turning into survivalists, stockpiling food and supplies in their garages and storage cupboards. And on January 1, 2000….nothing happened.

Many of you might remember the Y2K predictions, the ones that said every computer and electronic device would implode and we’d all be sent back to the dark ages. Those predictions managed to get a lot of people in a flurry of preparedness, which wasn’t really a bad thing, even if nothing catastrophic happened. Because, let’s face it, we live in a place where catastrophe can strike at any moment, in the form of an earthquake, forest fire or landslide. Continue Reading →

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Solar Power: Things Are Looking Sunny

Solar PowerThese days, thanks to the economy, everyone is looking for ways to save some money. Another big trend is energy conservation and preservation of the environment. Solar power is a perfect combination of these two lifestyle changes. Harnessing the energy of the sun to power and run all of the electronic items in your home is a great money saver and it lessens your environmental footprint. This is especially popular in California because we spend so much time in nature—and we have so much sunshine. Continue Reading →

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Truck Safety Regulations: The Time is Now

dump truck-740042-web

Many of us “regular” drivers, meaning those of us who drive cars, SUVs, minivans, sports cars and pickup trucks daily, think about the 2 million big-rig trucks driven around America each day. These trucks deliver goods, transport food, gas and other products, and also are involved in crashes that kill almost 4,000 people a year. The number of people killed in large-truck crashes, including the truck drivers, pedestrians and occupants of the vehicles that the trucks collided with, has increased by 17 percent since 2009. One of the main issues is driver fatigue.

For instance, there was the crash in June that injured comedian Tracy Morgan (allegedly the result of driver fatigue), and another in September that killed four members of a softball team. Then there was the recent 193-vehicle pileup in Kalamazoo, Michigan that involved 76 semi trucks. Continue Reading →

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Maximize the Efficiency of Your Electric Car in the Cold Winter Temperatures

Elec Car Charge

It seems that this winter has been especially cold all over the country. We are expecting an El Nino season on the west coast this year, and with that comes a lot of rain and very low temperatures. Even in California we have already seen freezing temperatures. While this means more money spent on things like coats and heating your house, it doesn’t have to mean the cost to run your electric car increases too. Continue Reading →

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