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Does a House Party Need Insurance Coverage?


As the rest of the country is in a deep freeze, here in sunny Southern California the days are still warm enough to entertain the thought of entertaining. A nice Saturday afternoon get-together in the back yard, a party for upcoming March Madness or even St. Patrick’s Day. A son or daughter’s 18th birthday party.

These are all great ideas, and we’re all for entertaining at home—especially if you have someone else do the cleaning up. But if you are thinking of having a party, especially one with alcohol, it’s important to at least consider event insurance. Continue Reading →

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Unlicensed Contractors Caught in Orange County Sting Operation

BuildingWork_loHave you ever entertained the idea of hiring an unlicensed contractor? Perhaps one who did that job for your neighbor or friend, and it saved them a lot of money on their remodel?

Well, stop thinking that way. There are so many reasons to use ONLY licensed, bonded and insured contractors, but the number one reason is that it may cost you thousands—even hundreds of thousands—if everything goes wrong. And if it can, it probably will. Continue Reading →

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Love Means Insuring that Valentine’s Day Gift


Valentine’s Day is almost here! Wait, you did realize that, didn’t you? It’s hard to miss all the marketing and advertising thrown out in the media over the last few weeks. So, there’s no excuse not to be prepared, right? RIGHT?

Well, hopefully you’ll be one of the 89 percent who buy a gift for their significant other or spouse on this very materialistic holiday. How much does it cost us? Last year, Americans spent over $17 billion on Valentine’s Day celebrations, including the card, a gift and dinner. That’s an estimate $131.91 per person. Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Employment Discrimination Claims in 2014

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7_LoHave you ever filed a complaint about your employer? Perhaps you have experienced sexual harassment or were given fewer hours due to your race, sex or a disability, and filed a complaint about it. Then you were fired.

What? It happens. In fact, claims alleging retaliation against an employee for involvement in a complaint reached a record high in fiscal year 2014, at almost 43 percent. Employment discrimination is definitely a factor for many people in America’s workforce. Continue Reading →

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