What Do You Do If You Have Water Damage?

Few things make you feel more helpless than a disaster in your home. And when water comes gushing out from under your washing machine or toilet, it’s not always easy to think straight. We’re here to help you in all of these accidental and damaging incidents, and ideally before they happen so we can help […]

It’s Time For IRS Tax Scams

Isn’t it bad enough that we have to pay taxes? Apparently not. Some people out there are happy to prey on people who are unsuspecting, elderly or new to the United States and trick them with an IRS tax scam. But be warned: Everybody is at risk. We’re all so terrified of the IRS, we’ll […]

Best St. Patrick’s Day Events In Orange County

It’s almost the end of Friday, and although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until Tuesday the 17th, we’re pretty sure that some shenanigans are going to happen this weekend. And why not let your Irish out this weekend while you’re off work? We’ve got some great suggestions of where to go in Orange County to really […]

8 Boat and Marina Handy Facts and Tips

We are lucky to live in one of the few states in our nation not covered in snow and ice at this time. And we know how to enjoy our great (almost year-round) sunny weather, much to the envy of those living in the Midwest and on the East Coast. But hey, it’s not our […]