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The Future is Near: Driverless Cars are Here


Dad, why aren’t you watching the road? Soon he won’t have to, thanks to driverless cars.

For years now Hollywood has tried to predict the future in movies by creating utopian societies and dreaming up all sorts of crazy technology. Turns out they may not have been too far off. Driverless cars are now a thing of the present.

It may sound scary at first, so why use a driverless car? These vehicles will help to reduce the total number of cars that a family needs, so for a larger family this could be a very economical concept. (This will also decrease your need for vehicle insurance…) However, on the other hand, total miles driven will increase due to the extra stops along the way. Continue Reading →

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Will a Traffic Ticket Increase Your Insurance Premiums?


You’d think that if you received a traffic ticket, your insurance company would gleefully push your premiums up, wouldn’t you? Well, that doesn’t happen all the time. According to, only 19 percent of ticketed Americans in the last five years have had premium increases. Wait, what? That’s right. You’re probably surprised because that number is down from 2013, when that percentage was at 31 percent.

“Insurers typically don’t know as much about you as you might think,” explained Laura Adams. As a senior industry analyst for, she should know. “Oftentimes, unless you’re a young driver, they are unaware of minor tickets and violations you receive on the road.” Continue Reading →

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What are Home Warranties Really Costing You?

hand on house-9495180-webYou buy coverage plans for everything else, so why not invest in a home warranty plan too? The answer is simple: They may be costing you more than you bargained for. However, if a realtor or seller offers to include one with the purchase of your new home then you should always accept.

Purchasing a home warranty plan on your own may be risky. These plans offer all different levels of protection and can fit almost any budget. Home warranties even have the potential to offset some costs that home insurance will not cover. Continue Reading →

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Safety Tips: 8 Ways to Avoid Being Assaulted

Womanwalking_loYes, we sell insurance in case bad things happen to good people. But ideally, we don’t want you to have to use it. That’s why we’re always advocating safety at BMR Insurance, and this week we’d like to talk about a scary but very real problem: Sexual assault.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we’d like to highlight some ways for people, especially women, to be safe and avoid dangerous situations. We can’t avoid all danger in our lives, but there are ways for us to approach situations that can help if trouble arises. But there’s no way to prevent every attack.

Sexual assault is a crime of motive and opportunity, says the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, and almost three-quarters of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows, or a “non-stranger”. How do you reduce your risk? Here are eight suggestions: Continue Reading →

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month


Each year, in the United States alone, there are nearly 3,500 deaths caused by some form of distracted driving. A distracted driver causes nearly 1 in 5 car crashes. This is no April Fool’s joke. The dangers of distracted driving are very real and more prevalent than ever in today’s society with our growing addiction to technology.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and at BMR Insurance Agency we want to help lower this number by raising awareness and encouraging you to take the Focused Driver Challenge.

Many people believe that driving using hands-free devices such as Bluetooth makes driving while using the phone safe. However, this is not the case because the brain still remains distracted by the conversation and can cause the driver to miss seeing up to half of what is around them on the road. In fact, distracted driving goes even further than just using your phone while behind the wheel. It also includes eating or drinking, putting on makeup (ladies, be honest!), reading a book or magazine, or anything else that takes away your full attention while behind the wheel.

The urge to answer that incoming call or text while on the road is almost irresistible. In the average time it takes to check a text message, less than five seconds, a car travelling 60 mph will travel more than the length of a football field! The current minimum ticket cost is $162, with subsequent fines of at least $285. If you think this fine is expensive, imagine the hospital bills or even funeral costs that you or your family may have to pay.

Remember, when you choose to pick up that phone or do anything else while behind the wheel, you are also putting the lives of others, either inside or outside of the vehicle, at risk. No message is more important than your life or the lives of those around you.

The best way to save yourself the distraction is to put your phone on silent and put it away somewhere that you can’t reach it.

Next time your phone rings while you’re behind the wheel and you’re tempted to answer it, ask yourself: Is it worth it?

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