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CarMax Accused of Selling Recalled but Unrepaired Used Cars

Family buying carYou may have seen CarMax’s commercials, where they tell you about how rigorous their inspection process is, and how you won’t have to deal with aggressive sales people. That all sounds wonderful…except to the California Public Interest Research Group and the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation. They are alleging that CarMax regularly sells used vehicles that have been recalled, but not repaired.

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BMR Now Offers Travel Insurance—Just in Time for Summer!


There’s a lot to think about before you book your vacation every year, from the airline to the hotel amenities to making sure your home is secure while you’re gone.

But what happens if your youngest son has an emergency appendectomy right before you leave? How about if your husband loses a crown while sticky toffee pudding in London? What if your luggage goes missing, and it has your extra inhaler in it?

We don’t like to think about things going wrong, especially when it comes to our hard-earned vacations, but it definitely happens. And you know how much we want you to be covered for anything… Continue Reading →

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Motorcycle Airbag? It’s Coming Soon to a Bike Near You

Motorcycles: Most people are either in the for or against camp. If you’re a mother, the chances of you wanting your son or daughter on the back of a motorcycle is slim to none. But what if there was an airbag for motorcyclists?

It sounds crazy, but just such a system has been used since 2009 for motorcycle racing professionals, and now Dainese is about to launch a version for the street rider. The company, an Italian motorcycle apparel maker with its U.S. headquarters in Costa Mesa, creates a leather suit that includes a system to inflate helium-filled balloons to protect the wearer’s shoulders and collarbones. The suit should be on sale by September—to motorcycle riders who can afford a hefty price tag of $2,499. Continue Reading →

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Love Flying Your Drone? Now You Can Be Insured

An amazing example of drone photography by DJI Ambassador Romeo Durscher ©2014

An amazing example of drone photography by DJI Ambassador Romeo Durscher ©2014

Drones were once the new stars of the military, but now companies like DJI and UAVGlobal are creating drones for use by everyone from farmers to real estate agents to photographers. These unmanned aircraft can be extremely fun for the retail consumer, but can also be extremely invasive. Think about someone taking photos of your child playing in the backyard, or flying over your picnic on the beach.

That’s why the Federal Aviation Agency, or FAA, has finally come out with a set of a proposed framework to regulate the use of drones in a non-military capacity. This framework of regulations should make it easy for businesses to buy and use small drones for their business uses. (Pizza delivery by drone, anyone?) But before you get too excited, these regulations are going through a long review period, and won’t be released until early 2017. Continue Reading →

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