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Thousands of Teens Injured Working in Fast Food Restaurants


Every year, fast-food restaurants employ millions of American teens and young adults who work to support their education, help their families, or buy their dream cars. Unfortunately, these restaurants are also where many young workers get injured, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Based on research conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Emergency rooms treated about 44,800 injured young adult restaurant employees. Of those, 28,000 (63 percent) occur in fast-food establishments from burger joints (52.6 percent) to pizzerias (12.6 percent) to chicken or fish diners (11.7 percent).

Workers are prone to all sorts of injuries due to the nature of the job. Juggling multiple responsibilities (mopping floors, flipping burgers, preparing hot coffee, etc.) in a fast-paced environment can instill a pressure to take shortcuts while ignoring safety precautions. Frequent repetition in daily tasks can establish overconfidence, which may induce carelessness. Employees are also exposed to many potential hazards from sizzling grills to harmful chemicals in cleaning solvents.

NIOSH determined that most restaurant injuries involved burns or resulted from falls due to wet or greasy floors. The type of injury also varied by gender. Males were more likely to sustain damage from cooking (burns and lacerations) while females were more likely to incur injuries from cashiering or cleaning tables (sprains and strains).

Whatever your responsibilities are in the kitchen or the dining area, here are some safety tips to follow to help avoid injury on the job:

  • Use insulated, fireproof gloves and cleaning tools with handles
  • When handling objects such as pots and vats, move slowly and carefully near corners
  • Be wary of uneven floor surfaces or rips in the carpet
  • Avoid leaving metal spoons in pots and pans while cooking
  • Slowly lower food in hot oil instead of dropping them to reduce splash
  • Wear nonskid shoes while the floor is wet
  • If possible, use slip-resistant flooring to prevent falls and slipping
  • Avoid reaching over or across hot surfaces

BMR Insurance wants you to be safe but no matter how much you prepare, accidents can be unpredictable. Do you own a fast food franchise or restaurant? If you have questions about worker’s compensation or liability coverage, we want to help. Give us a call at 714-838-1911.


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Teaching Babies to Swim: Pros and Cons


Kids seem to grow up all too fast: one moment they’re cooing, cuddly bundles of joy, and the next they’re dashing through the house, speaking in full sentences, growing inches a day. In the midst of this unbelievably fast-paced development, one question comes to the forefront, at some point between newborn and toddler: Do I teach my baby to swim? Parents give differing answers, as do the experts. Many programs promote infant swim as a necessity: a training with the potential to save your child’s life. Others shy from it, seeing the risks as outweighing the benefits. We’ve rounded up the reasons for and against teaching an infant to swim:

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Enjoy the Summer on One of the OC’s Best Beaches


Summers on the beach are a hallmark of the Southern California childhood.  Frolicking in the sand, squealing with delight at the icy and refreshing bite of the the waves, your SoCal kids will long take such summers as a given. Or, the grown-up Southern Californian will find the beach to still be a source of relaxation and enjoyment. The OC offers some of the best beaches for creating these childhood, and/or adulthood traditions and adventures. With their white sands, variety of entertainment options, and diverse atmospheres, there is a beach for everyone.

Seeking a family-friendly local favorite? Head to Aliso Creek Beach in Laguna Beach, Balboa Beach in Newport, or Seal Beach. Plentiful parking is available, playgrounds call to the younger kids, and piers and quaint shops offer other beachside entertainment. Continue Reading →

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The “New” Way to Vacation: RVs Are Cool Again


The American way is constantly shaken up and turned round: at the moment, we find ourselves surrounded by hipsters and health foods, yoga and pilates, ‘Coffee Shop’ experiences and professional juiceries. As new and exciting as we find it, much of it is simply a rediscovery of past trends–refurbished trends brought back into the limelight. The 1970s introduced the tradition of the RV road trip.

Nothing speaks to the American lifestyle more than a road trip through our kaleidoscope landscape: rich tones and layers of canyons and rocky mountains, vibrant verdancy of forests, and endless horizons of the Great Plains. The accompanying mixed tape of family and friends’ music, laughter (or occasionally some toddler tears), and conversations, creates fond memories which will last for years to come. The spirit of the 1970s American road trip hasn’t changed, but the comfort and accessibility of travel has. Now, more than ever, there are endless options for your mode of travel; RV’s created to fit anyone and everyone’s personal roadtrip vision. These new-fangled vehicles have accessories for every situation, maximally efficient floor plans, and their designers have thought of every need your RV must fulfill.  Some top options for your roadtrip adventuring include: Continue Reading →

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Fireworks for Fourth of July in Orange County

Usually in California, celebrators of the Fourth of July would need to rely on their city to put on a big fireworks display. Why? Because for years, most Orange County cities (and cities in other counties) have banned the use of personal fireworks.

It’s not hard to see why—we usually have dry conditions in July, even with our trademark June Gloom along the coast, making unsupervised fireworks a dangerous proposition. And with our record drought year, fireworks set off by untrained people are especially troubling. Continue Reading →

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