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The Pros and Cons of Building a Swimming Pool


Did you ever wonder where or why the swimming pool was invented? The first pools in recorded history were those of ancient Rome and Greece. Citizens used them for aesthetics, social interaction, swimming, and bathing. They were also used in military trainings, and children were taught to swim at a young age as a part of their basic education. Remnants of these sites provide insight into the lives of these citizens– who used pools in very much the same way as contemporary peoples. A source of tranquility and respite, a space for social interaction and community gatherings, a pool appeals to as many homeowners now as then. The question arises: build or don’t build a pool? There are valid arguments on both sides. It is important to consider several factors in this decision: finances, weather, liability, contractors, and home value.

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Why College Students Need Renters Insurance


You might not realize it, but college students actually have valuable property. And these can be easily lost or damaged, as there were more than 30,000 burglaries and 6,000 fires on and around campuses in 2008, according to the U.S. Department of Education and the National Fire Protection Association.

Many students bring with them to college expensive items worth thousands of dollars such as electronics, cars, bicycles, furniture, etc. But when bicycles get stolen, furniture sustains damage from a fire or laptops malfunction, repairing or replacing such valuables can be pricey. Having renters insurance can be a more affordable way to cover your personal property and finances.

College students living at home or on campus may have their personal belongings protected under their parents’ policy. But those opting to live on off-campus housing such as an apartment, condo, or house should considering buying their own insurance.

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What Is Gap Insurance?


Have you been hearing the words “gap insurance” floating through the radio waves and the cyber stratosphere? We have. Perhaps you wonder, “What is this ‘gap’ insurance? Is it something to do with the clothing store? What ‘gap’ exactly are we talking about here?” Though disappointingly not clothing related, we do have some answers for you about gap insurance:

Gap insurance falls within the realm of automobile insurance. Here’s a story to explain: Continue Reading →

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