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Spooky Halloween Events in Orange County


Halloween is everywhere by now: in the spooky neighborhood ghouls, piles upon piles of candy bags in store aisles, children (and adults!) chattering about this year’s costume, and of course, the pumpkin patches. The only thing that’s not falling in line with Halloween spirit: the weather. Fortunately for us Southern Californians, our Halloween festivities aren’t limited by any chilling storms; to take advantage, here are some Orange County Halloween activities for you to investigate: Continue Reading →

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Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks


Halloween is a very popular time of year and, as a father of two, I know just how exciting it can be for children. And that’s where parents and other adults come in—we need to have our “safety hats” on and make sure that the holiday is safe for all kids, especially when their excitement can get in the way.

We’ve rounded up some safety tricks and treats for you all, and we encourage you to review these with your little ones, a few days before they hit the streets on Halloween night. Once they’re in those costumes, unless you’re saying things like “candy” or “trick-or-treating”, they’re not going to hear a word you say.

Speaking of costumes, there are some tips on safety for those too, so make sure to have a look at your kids’ costumes before they head out. Something as simple as a long super-hero cape can turn into a disaster. Continue Reading →

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How to Carve a Pumpkin Safely for Halloween Jack o’ Lanterns


It’s that time of year: While you’re probably obsessed with your pumpkin-spiced drink from your local coffee shop, the youngsters in your household can only think of one thing. HALLOWEEN. And nothing says Halloween like a carved pumpkin jack o’ lantern!

You’ve probably already taken the trip to the local pumpkin patch, and if so, your family is probably ready to get started on carving it. But before you start, we’d like to pass on some carving safety messages and tips on creating the perfect jack o’ lantern. Why? Continue Reading →

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New Consumer Protection Law Cracks Down on Scammers Targeting Seniors

As parents age, and the circle comes complete, the children become the caregivers. The last thing you want to worry about, as you work to provide comfort and peace of mind for your loved ones or yourself, is untrustworthy persons taking advantage. At the AME Church (the first African-American church in LA), unsuspecting senior community members lost hold of thousands of dollars, preyed on by a supposedly trusted friend, Constance Gail Fortune, age 61, a licensed insurance agent.

Fortune built friendships and gained the trust and affection of elderly members in the church community. She held gatherings centered around her insurance services, selling policies without actually purchasing the coverage. She provided statements on faux-official letterhead, offered bogus business cards—creating an entire theatrical façade for her scam. Continue Reading →

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How To Avoid a Staged Car Accident


That breathless moment in the second before an automobile collision and the screeching crunch of metal on metal following are not easily forgotten; it is even worse when the other vehicle involved purposely manipulated the accident for monetary gain. As unimaginable as it may be, thousands of insurance claims filed are for fraudulent, staged crashes orchestrated by crooks seeking to take advantage of you and your insurance. Continue Reading →

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