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Pedestrian Safety: What You Need To Know

pedestrians crossing with near miss by car

It’s easy to relax our vigilance when on the road—whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. But failing to see that pedestrian, look both ways, or use the crosswalk, could be a fatal mistake. Recently, there has been an upward trend in pedestrian fatalities. According to Richard Retting, an author of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report: “We are projecting the largest year-to-year increase in pedestrian fatalities since national records have been kept, and therefore we are quite alarmed.” Continue Reading →

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U.S. National Parks Celebrate Their 100th Anniversary

Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands off the Santa Barbara coast.

Any drive through the United States is landmarked by the various National Parks– which is no surprise considering there are over 400 parks throughout the country. August 25, 2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. The Service is celebrating both the past one hundred years, and the many more to come. They have launched a new social media campaign called “Find Your Park” (#FindYourPark), through their website:

Need any more of an excuse to venture to all the parks, and find yours? Luckily for us Californians, a good number of the national parks are in our backyard– and we might be biased, but they’re also some of the best! Start planning your summer road trip to #FindYourPark now. Here are the closest National Parks to us: Continue Reading →

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St. Patrick’s Day in Orange County


This week began with the loss of an hour in “spring forward”, and will end with St. Patrick’s day. So it’s not all bad!! Don’t forget to wear your green, or suffer the pinches.

And, of course, what would St. Patrick’s Day be without the traditional Irish fare, and indulgence in the best brews local Irish pubs have to offer? This Thursday make your way to one of these well-known O.C. Irish pubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Orange County with traditional music, food, and beer. Continue Reading →

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Motorcycle Safety in the Rain: Hello El Niño

Motorcycle in the rain.

We had a surprising amount of rain earlier this week, and more is on the way. And although Southern California doesn’t get as much rain as the northern part (we’re looking at you, San Francisco), when we do get rain, it’s usually a strong storm. And it usually leads to flooded areas, and quickly.

Anyone who has driven on the SoCal freeways when it rains knows that we seem to lose our minds when water falls from the sky. Mainly, that’s because we don’t drive any differently, thinking that we’ll be able to brake and see just as well as when it’s bone dry.

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Self-Driving Cars a Boon for Baby Boomers

baby boomers in car

Self-driving cars used to be inventions of fantasy writers and science fiction films. They’re now a very tangible reality. Though years from availability for purchase, Google offers test drives, and other manufacturers are furiously working to put themselves into the self-driving car market. These companies, such as Toyota, Ford Motor Co., and the engineers at Google, are developing this technology with a particular group in mind: the aging generation of baby boomers. Self-driving cars offer more than convenience; for someone unable to drive, they offer autonomy and safety. Continue Reading →

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