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Visit the Great Park of Orange County!

family visiting Great Park of Orange County

Orange County offers many attractions and events to visitors and locals alike. A consistently rising attraction is the Great Park of Orange County, in the city of Irvine.Whether you’re searching for your next date spot, a place to bring the kids for a day out, or somewhere to bring visiting relatives, this park offers a variety of landscapes and entertainments. Continue Reading →

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How to Recognize Employee Fraud

Businessman stealing money

As unfortunate and discouraging as it is to consider, employee fraud is all too prevalent. Even more upsetting, it’s often within small businesses; the owners, having invested so much trust into their employees, often miss the warning signs of employee fraud. As many as 28.8% of small businesses fell prey to employee fraud in 2012, with a median loss of 6% higher than large businesses. And, after such loss, only 58% of these companies actually regain any of their financial losses. It is hard enough to keep a small business afloat in the turbulence of the economy and a multitude of other factors; don’t let employee fraud be the thing to drag you down. Continue Reading →

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What to Look for in a Used Car

Couple buying a used car

That new car smell is unlike anything else—but a used car can be just as satisfying, for sometimes more than half the price. Even though a car’s value depreciates as soon as it leaves the dealership parking lot, the used car itself may have minimal wear and tear. However, don’t let the inexpensive allure allow you to let your guard down: some used cars can hide costly, or even dangerous flaws, which will go unnoticed unless sought out. Keep these tips in mind as you search for a used car, and make sure to do the research yourself. Continue Reading →

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