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Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue Safety

Memorial Day barbecue

Memorial Day brings Americans the opportunity to recognize both current and veteran members of the U.S. military. We honor the men and women who protect our country and make possible the safety with which we live our lives. Memorial Day is filled with thoughts of the sacrifices of members of the military and their families.

Marking the unofficial start of summer, the holiday from work and school often comes with gatherings of friends and family around the pool, and the barbecue. We have 10 tips for barbecue safety, to ensure your Memorial Day is fun, tasty, and safe! Continue Reading →

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Flood Insurance For El Nino–Was It Worth the Money?

el nino waves

El Niño may have brought big waves, but no rain for drought-ravaged Southern California.

Whatever happened to the promised El Niño? It’s already the end of May (and no April showers)– did we just miss it on its way through? Unfortunately, no. El Niño seems to have passed right over the dry and thirsty dusts of California. The looming threat of the 2016 El Niño had been predicted to reach levels such as the storms in 1997 and ‘98 which left Californians with $883 million damages statewide. Not only frustrating to our drought-stricken state, many residents of California spent their winter scrambling in preparation for the big storms– purchasing everything from rain boots to flood insurance. Now, we stand with our rain boots dry and in-hand, with a flood insurance policy we don’t seem to need. Continue Reading →

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Best Car Choices For Commuters

Commuter traffic in Los Angeles

Choosing the right car is important for everyone. Even more so when you’re spending hours a day in your car, commuting to and from work. The car you’re in can make or break your safety, comfort, and wallet. That commute is tacked on to a long day at the office, coming home to spend time with your kids, and the million little other things that make up a day. Your vehicle has the potential to ease the commute, mileage costs, and get you home to your family. We’ve compiled a list of the best cars for commuters– whether you’re looking for a luxury living room on wheels or something small and efficient. Continue Reading →

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What To Do When You Witness an Accident

Witnessing car accident

Considering there are approximately 6 million car accidents annually, one would think witnessing a car accident wouldn’t be surprising. Yet it is not often we are on the road and find ourselves in the helpless position of watching an accident unfold before our eyes. Almost in slow motion, we see the signs and then maybe honk the horn, or just gasp in futility. Having witnessed the accident, you are now in a position to help– but, only if it is safe for you. Before attempting to aid the individuals in any way, determine whether there is broken glass, fire, or flammable fluids around the site. If there is dangerous debris, stay in your car, and get out of harm’s way. Continue Reading →

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