BMR Insurance Agency: 75 Years and Counting

  If you ask anyone in our office, they’ll tell you BMR Insurance is a company that values its relationships with the community it supports, the consumers for whom it provides service, and the employees it nurtures. This is no surprise, considering BMR is a third-generation family-owned company. In celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, […]

Prepare Your Pool for Summer

Last month we shared some barbecue safety tips – and on the same note of summer and backyard activities, we’ve compiled instructions for prepping your pool for summer. Whether for a graduation party, block party, or a family get together, you want your pool clean and sparkling, after a cold (well, as cold as southern […]

How to Keep Pets Safe From Fire

Pets have a long-standing place in the home. There’s the classic image of a family, gathered around the living room, silently relaxing into each other’s presence, the loyal family dog at the hearth. Or the cat, napping on the porch alongside the rocking chair, the dog playing in the yard with the youngsters. But there’s […]

It’s the Most Dangerous Time on the Road for Teen Drivers

A parent would never argue about the concern they have for their child’s or children’s safety, especially if they have teen drivers. That’s because, inarguably, the largest threat to a teenager’s safety is driving. The statistics are frighteningly dramatic– featuring averages such as six teenagers die in a car accident a day, just under a […]