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Laura’s House: Orange County’s Sanctuary From Domestic Violence

Laura's House Domestic Violence Nonprofit

In 1991, two women responded to a need in the Orange County community for a protected, secret, and safe space for victims of domestic violence. These women, Sandy Condello and Helen Kendall had seen firsthand the tragic situations faced by victims of domestic violence. After the death of a woman named Laura at the hands of her abuser, Condello and Kendall appealed to the community for help in working to thwart any such future occurrences. They received an overwhelming wave of support, and in 1994 established Laura’s House. Continue Reading →

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What Does a “Hit and Run Accident” Mean?

Hit and run accident damage

What’s called a “hit-and-run” accident can be more broadly defined than you might assume. It’s not just the dramatic hit-and-run like those in the movies (cue car chase and mystery driver who actually has personal motive to hit your vehicle). A hit-and-run accident can involve cars, pedestrians, or even other pieces of property. If you’ve ever walked into the parking lot and felt your stomach sink to your toes at the sight of the shiny new dent in the rear of your vehicle, you know it takes a lot to quell the anxieties that come along with a hit-and-run. As an anticipatory measure, take a look at your coverage as it extends to hit-and-runs. Here’s the quick overview of the two types of coverages you should investigate: Continue Reading →

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Tips for Renting and Operating Jet Skis

young man on jet ski

Still have an itch for summertime adventures, out on the lake or river? Thankfully, we live in California, where summer has year long availability. Before you jet or sail off into the waves, learn a bit about how to rent watercrafts such as boats and jet skis in a safe and smart way. Continue Reading →

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Labor Day Barbecue Safety

Labor day barbecue

Can’t you just smell that barbecue hamburger and hot dog scent wafting through the air, down the block, up the street, around the corner? We can! And it means Labor Day is quickly approaching. Labor Day intends to honor and appreciate the American labor force and its contribution to the well-being and function of society. How will you celebrate your Labor Day? Of course, the long-standing tradition of backyard barbecues with friends and family is the perfect way to relax and take a well-deserved break. But before you light that grill, take a look at the basics of safety and caution we’ve compiled for you. Continue Reading →

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