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Decorating for the Holidays: Safety Tips

holiday tree decor

In California, we don’t quite have the natural holiday decorations of snow and ice– which is fine by us! So, holiday lights and decorations are the best way to show off some holiday cheer. And of course, a little neighborhood competition always helps to bring out the most decked out neighborhoods. This year, beat the neighbors, while also preventing holiday decor-related hazards. We’ve collected some fire safety tips and childproofing tricks for decorating for the holidays. Continue Reading →

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Thanksgiving Cooking and Travel Safety

Thanksgiving Turkey

The pies are baking, the turkey is defrosting, the family games are prepared, and the guests are about to arrive. Take a breath and a moment to be thankful for all of this, and to also recognize the potential hazards that could turn a turkey dinner into a disaster. We’re surprised every year by the statistics that come out in regards to food poisoning, fires, travel accidents and emergency room visits; but despite all this, Thanksgiving remains a holiday favorite. Let’s keep it that way with a few cooking and travel safety tips: Continue Reading →

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Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Tips

airport concourse

Thanksgiving conjures images of family and friends gathered around the table, pumpkin pies and the cranberry sauce which nobody touches, and sweaters and scarves ushering in the chilly weather. Not usually present in this holiday montage is the travel time to get to that table and family. According to AAA, 41,900,000 people will pack up and head to their respective Thanksgivings– by train, plane and car. If you count yourself among them, form your game plan now for your travels. Continue Reading →

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Tips For Hiring Seasonal Workers

Salesperson assisting customer

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it the onslaught of houseguests, and if you’re a small business owner, potentially an increase in business volume. Many small businesses find it useful to hire seasonal workers, especially in the holiday season. If you’re finding yourself at the end of your rope whenever the holidays come around, it might be time to pull out a “pro and con” list and decide if hiring a seasonal employee will help relieve that stress. Seasonal employees bring in the extra hands you need without the added costs of providing benefits. Continue Reading →

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Get Your Home Ready for Houseguests

Guest bedroom

It seems the end of the year holidays always sneak up on us—Halloween’s final attempt at a spook before it bows out until the next year. Just as we recover from the costumes and the candy, Thanksgiving comes knocking, and brings the house guests and messy kitchen along. If you feel like your home isn’t ready for the onslaught of guests, don’t panic! There’s plenty of time to make some simple and easy adjustments to make your home its own 5-star hotel. Continue Reading →

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