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Easy Tips for Holiday Entertaining

New Year's Eve Party

Every year, holiday entertaining brings along both old and new traditions. It might be difficult to find the balance, so this year might be the year to spruce up your decorations. Those Pinterest boards and DIY (do-it-yourself) miracles can be discouraging when they don’t quite turn out like the photos…but our easy tips are actually doable DIYs, and sure to add a new shine to your New Year’s holiday party. Continue Reading →

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Give Yourself the Gift of Renovation

paint roller on wall

Sometimes it seems like we don’t even notice the years passing, as the kids are suddenly graduating, or you’ve somehow already reached your 25th wedding anniversary. Your home travels with you through millions of milestones, and quite often has already been through a lifetime of milestones with somebody else. If you feel like you’ve suddenly realized your home is not quite the young thing it used to be, but don’t have the funds or the desire to do a full-blown renovation, we have some renovation ideas for you that are bound to make your home feel fresh and young again, without draining your bank account. Continue Reading →

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Holiday Shopping: Six Steps to Preventing Identity Theft

Online shopping website on laptop screen with female hands typing

Shopping is at its peak during the holiday season– and so is the rate of identity theft through credit card use. Fraudsters find ways to steal credentials and compromise your identity regardless of where you shop: online, in-store, or on your cell. But we don’t say this to make you lose hope; instead to give you hope that you have just as many ways to protect your identity, and get all that holiday shopping done! Here’s what you can do: Continue Reading →

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