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Should You Lease or Buy a Car?

Couple getting car keys from seller

Will your next car be leased? Or are you looking to buy a car? The question of whether to lease or buy when financing your next car is less about financial means, and more about driver preferences, priorities, and habits. We have plenty of good things to say about both options, so you can’t really go wrong!

Your choice might be different from one different stage of life to another– for example, a daily commuter would probably be better off buying, considering the typical 12,000 per year mileage limit on leased cars. What’s the basic difference between the two options? With a leased vehicle, you pay only for the depreciation of the car during the years leased, versus paying for the entire cost when buying. Continue Reading →

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It’s Presidents’ Day!

honoring-our-presidents-on-washington-birthday-vector_g16qlru__lPresidents’ Day always comes as a sigh of relief– a well-deserved three day weekend after two busy months back at work after the holidays. But why is it “Presidents’ Day” instead of “President’s Day” as it used to be? And whose birthday (birthdays?) are we celebrating, anyway? As good citizens, we should all know what it is, exactly, that gives us that extra day to run some errands and spend time with family. Here’s a quick history lesson, so you can show some patriotism, and impress friends and family with an arsenal of Presidents’ Day knowledge. Continue Reading →

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Insurance for Valentine’s Day Gifts

ruby red hearts

Did you find the perfect diamond necklace? The beautiful tennis bracelet that they’ve been aching for, the Rolex watch that you know is just right? Before you run out of the shop and over to your Valentine’s Day date, make sure your gift is insured. The insurance is just the cherry on top of this gift, to preserve the gesture in case of loss, theft, or destruction. The steps are easy, and you’ll still make it to dinner on time– we promise. Here’s what you can do: Continue Reading →

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Tips for Keeping Insurance Costs Down

Woman indoors using cellular phone

A couple of weeks ago we gave you some specific ways in which you can keep insurance costs down, through discounts. Now, here’s a checklist of the basics, items you can consistently do every year when renewing your insurance and as you gain new assets.


  • Always read through your policies. And we mean word for word– skimming could mean you’re paying for something you don’t actually need. Take for example Collision or Comprehensive coverage on a vehicle: if the vehicle is over 10 years old, you can remove Collision and still get protection from vandalism, fire, or theft through Comprehensive.

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