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Charity Spotlight: Project Hope Alliance

Orange County has a reputation for affluence. Yet despite this facade, there is an underlying problem, which runs deep: 28,000 children in the OC school district are experiencing homelessness. This is a higher percentage than the neighboring counties of San Diego and Los Angeles. One in 6 children in Orange County are living in poverty. The lack of stability and nutrition that they face distracts and inhibit from their academic and social growth. The Project Hope Alliance, founded in 1989, began as a way to support the transportation needs of children attending the Project HOPE School (now Skyview Elementary). For the last 28 years, the Project Hope Alliance has created programs which support youth from kindergarten through age 24 in committing to an education and their future. Continue Reading →

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Smoke Alarms: Are They Necessary?

The short answer is YES. Smoke alarms are one of the first items to check for when moving into a new place. Smoke alarms are required in every home, at every level and in every sleeping room. Three of every five home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms (38%) or no working smoke alarms (21%).

If you don’t have smoke alarms, start with the type of alarm: ionized or photoelectric. The difference? An ionized smoke detector use “ions”, or electrically charged particles to detect smoke in the air. Ionized detectors are more responsive to flaming fire. A photoelectric detector, using a light beam to detect the presence of smoke, will be more likely to catch a smouldering fire (such as a lit cigarette that has fallen on a couch cushion). Smouldering fires are dangerous in that they can fill a house with dangerous gases before they even reach a full flame fire. Continue Reading →

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Apartment Walk-Through Checklist

Once you’ve finally found the apartment you want, you most likely just want to finish the process once and for all: move in the furniture, set up the kitchen, and have a good night’s sleep. But before all of that, and before you even take the keys, schedule a walk through of the apartment with a landlord or rental agent. Be ready to note any problems with the apartment’s aesthetics and function. If you do this ahead of time you can prevent incurring fees for damage you didn’t cause in the first place. Come prepared with a notepad, a camera for photos and videos, and this list of what to check for: Continue Reading →

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Tips for Moving With Pets

The bags are packed, the truck is loaded, the keys are turned in: you’re ready to move into your new dream home. The dog in the back of the car, however, is not so thrilled. His or her life has been upended into a whirl of noise, strangers– moving is not a concept pets understand. While you look forward to the new place, the pup is removed from all they know, and for all they know, are heading toward a great punishment where they have no food or toys. There are plenty of ways for pet-owners to ease the process of moving for their pets– leaving them with a not too traumatizing experience. Continue Reading →

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What To Do After a Hit and Run Accident

We don’t like to think we could be the victim of a hit and run accident; but if so, it’s best to be prepared. Hit and run accidents are a big (and growing) problem in California, specifically in Los Angeles, where 20,000 incidents are reported annually. So, if you become one of those 20,000 victims of a hit and run, keep these rules in mind: it will help you stay safe, and to more accurately report the incident to your insurance company. Continue Reading →

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