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Insurance for Spring Break

Where are your kids heading for Spring Break? The older ones, in their teens and early twenties, may be taking off for a beach vacation to Miami or Cabo. A well-deserved break from school, fun with friends on the beach– what could go wrong? Unfortunately, a few things.

Even the most responsible of young adults might find themselves in a dangerous or tricky situation, when surrounded by large groups of young students, ocean activities, and alcohol. Spring Break travel insurance can provide important medical, airfare, and trip interruption coverage. Continue Reading →

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Spring Cleaning – Make Safety Updates

“Beware the ides of March”: perhaps we as homeowners and renters should take this as a warning. A warning to be safe in our spring cleaning, and include safety updates in our big clean-out. Yes, it’s great to clear the clutter, but more important is home maintenance and keeping it up to safety standards. Continue Reading →

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HomeAid Orange County

When without a home, the first question every day as the sun sets is, “where do we go?”. HomeAid Orange County wants there to always be an answer to that question in Orange County– no matter when or why. This is why they are working to build over 70 emergency shelters in Orange County. Orange County has a shockingly low number of residences for emergency housing and the homeless, shelter for “victims, families, children, and veterans”. Continue Reading →

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What is Inflating Your Car Insurance?

Just how do insurers determine your vehicle policy rate? To an extent it is based on a computer dictating via its algorithms who is a statistical risk and who is not. It also depends upon logical factors such as driving and ticketing history, car model, and how far you drive every year.  Surprisingly, that’s not all:

Factors including gender, neighborhood, relationship status, and credit scores can also bump up or lower your rate. Studies by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and experts from various agencies have shown that sometimes you pay more for factors out of your control. Continue Reading →

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