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Fourth of July in Orange County

Ooh and ah at the fireworks over the Dana Point, Run for Fun on the 4th with Laguna Niguel YMCA, or watch the Old Glory Boat parade in Newport Beach. Throughout Orange County, there are endless possibilities for your 4th of July celebrations. We’re particularly partial to the traditional Tustin celebration, so we’ll start there: Continue Reading →

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Orange County Music and Dance School

Some children dream of being astronauts, firefighters, rock stars, writers. Some dream of being the next prima ballerina for the Ballets Russes, the next So You Think You Can Dance favorite, or joining a hip-hop group. But the dream to be a dancer comes at a cost, which not every family can afford to maintain long-term. Studio classes cost hundreds of dollars a month, and come recital time, there are extra fees and costumes to buy. The price only goes up the more a student advances–paying for attire, more classes a week, with more performances. Continue Reading →

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Orange County Farmer’s Markets You Shouldn’t Miss

Orange County has over 30 farmer’s markets–that means that any day of the week you feel like going to a farmer’s market, there’s one for you (except on Mondays, we admit). Farmers Markets are a fantastic way to support local farmers and vendors, spend time with your community, and make healthy food a staple of your family’s diet. With beautiful weather almost year round, we are lucky to have “rain or shine” markets, which typically really only “shine.”  The OC Farmers’ Bureau has only certified 8 of the markets in the area, and the Tustin Certified Farmers Market is one of them! Continue Reading →

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Tenant Vandalism is on the Rise—What Can Landlords Do?

Dennis Myers will be the first to say life as a landlord it not all it’s cooked up to be. Over his last 20 years of experience of owning rentals in Orange County, he feels as everything is getting worse–tenants aren’t respecting properties, rent payments, or landlords. He says what people don’t realize when they begin renting out properties, is that they are in a “position of weakness, with no advantage whatsoever.” The tenant has the advantage. They can avoid payments, wreak havoc on your property, and you can only invest in a good lawyer who can eventually bring them to court. Either way, it ends in you being out thousands of dollars.

Myers had a recent example in mind: Continue Reading →

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