After Recent Spate of Gun Violence, Is Orange County Still Safe?

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Neighbors standing in front of the house in Red Leaf Lane, Ladera Ranch, where a woman was shot and killed yesterday morning. Photo courtesy of the O.C. Register, Paul Bersebach.

February 6: A five-hour stand-off with Laguna Beach Police and O.C. SWAT officers. February 6-12: A former LAPD officer goes on a violent spree throughout Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. February 20: A deadly rampage from sleepy Ladera Ranch all the way up to Orange.

Has Orange County become unsafe? Is violence here on the rise? Will Orange County be targeted as a dangerous place to live? And, most importantly, will it affect my homeowners insurance rates? If you’re asking yourself all of these questions after the deadly events of February and wondering if our paradise lifestyle has come to a dire end, you’re probably not alone.

But you are worrying unnecessarily. Yes, we’ve had some unusual events in our wonderful communities of Ladera Ranch, Tustin, Orange and other cities unused to gun violence. But that doesn’t mean that Orange County will be tarred with the same brush reserved for violent neighborhoods.

In fact, a resident of Ladera Ranch was quite blasé when he passed the fire engine and police cars yesterday morning. “My husband thought that someone must have had a heart attack,” said his wife later that day. “That’s how secure we feel in our neighborhood.”

And although that sense of security has been somewhat shattered in Ladera Ranch recently, overall you should still feel safe. But if you are concerned about your homeowners insurance rates increasing because of your proximity to these recent events, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your insurance rates on your Orange County home. (714) 838-1911.

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