BMR Insurance Agency: 75 Years and Counting


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If you ask anyone in our office, they’ll tell you BMR Insurance is a company that values its relationships with the community it supports, the consumers for whom it provides service, and the employees it nurtures. This is no surprise, considering BMR is a third-generation family-owned company. In celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, we can truly see the extent to which our company has become ingrained within the community. We are special in that we strives to flourish and expand, but also to never outgrow our ability to serve the customers who have been along for the ride. If you call the office, you’ll never get an automated voice, but a real person, with a real interest in you, the customer.

Gary Arch, the current and third family member running BMR Insurance, began working in the office with the then current owner, his stepfather, as a high school student. Gary had not anticipated taking on the family business, but became attached to the overall atmosphere of the company—the comfortable interactions between co-workers, and customer/community-focused structure of the company. In 2000, Gary took over the business, and has taken the company to new states and new heights, thinking in the long term.

As a family-owned business, we face certain pressures and challenges that a larger company might not. Gary describes it as “being under a microscope” because family-owned tends to imply small. But the success BMR has had in expanding and becoming licensed in nine other states has shown that the family-owned intimacy and expansion can go hand in hand. With fourteen people in the Tustin, CA home office, Gary describes it as a friendly workplace, where they can also socialize outside of the office.

“Everyone in town knows where the office is located,” Gary says, as it is on the corner of two main thoroughfares, a staple building for almost forty years. Gary takes pride in the participation of the Tustin office in the local community—enjoying a proximity to Disneyland, sponsoring local schools, and positively interacting with the local police department. Another office opening has brought the same BMR Insurance community-oriented service to Colorado.

One of Gary’s proudest moments as the owner of BMR Insurance has been working strategically with customers and employees alike to solve the unsolvable: the big insurance problems that other companies have never seen, or been unable to tackle.

Gary says, “I’m investigative by nature, kind of a bulldog when it comes to finding out the best way to solve the problem, and where I have to go, regardless of what has to be done.” This, in combination with a strong staff, has served to provide customers with personalized service that they know is critically thought out.

With 75 years of family business experience under the BMR belt, we continue to strengthen the bonds with long-time customers, and to find ways to improve and expand our service. A happy 75th anniversary to us!! And a grateful thank you to the customers and employees who helped BMR Insurance reach this point.

As always, BMR Insurance is just a phone call, or drop-in appointment, away! We would love to hear from you—whether about your insurance policy, or just about what we can do better and what we do well. We look forward to many more years of serving the local and national community.

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