California Wildfires: Call Your Agent and Check Your Policy

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With six major fires lighting up the southern California coast, it seems to have hit all at once. LA, San Diego, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties are the most affected, and there have been closures of main freeways including the US 101 and 405. For updates on fires near you, look to these sources:

LA County:

Ventura County:

San Diego County:

If you are given notice of mandatory evacuation take it seriously– evacuation mandates are made with everyone’s well-being in mind. When evacuating, tell someone you know where you are going and let them know when you arrive safely.

Call your Insurance Agent.

It is important to double check your policy in case of loss of home to a fire. Your agent will be able to walk through any questions about your coverage with you. Call us at BMR Insurance at 714-838-1911 with any questions about your coverage in case of fire. We are here for the SoCal community, with all of the brave men and women fighting fires in our thoughts. Stay safe and alert SoCal!

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