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Should Businesses Allow Pets at Work?

Dog lying in home office with man in background

Various workplace traditions have shown to be beneficial to employer and employees alike– casual Fridays, bring your kid to work day and so on. But what about bringing your pet to work? As a small business owner, this kind of decision depends on your particular ambient and workplace policy. Welcoming pets into the workplace has proven in many cases to lower the stress of employees, and encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle. Continue Reading →

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Insurance Tips for January

Young brunette woman driving a car

We’re going to let you in on a little insurance secret. There is an innumerable amount of ways to save money on your insurance. Believe it or not, insurance companies want you to save money, and to be rewarded for the things you’re doing right healthwise, financially, and as drivers and homeowners. Take note of the discounts which may apply to you: Continue Reading →

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Did You Insure Your Holiday Gifts?

Gold and diamond bracelets

One of the best parts of the post-holiday time is putting away all the new gifts, trying everything out, settling them into your daily life. Whether a diamond necklace, or new sporting equipment, the last thing you want is to have something happen to them, to end up paying out of pocket or telling your mother-in-law the gift is gone forever. Continue Reading →

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Should You Offer Employees a Company Car?

company car

A suave lawyer leaps out of the firm’s company town car to close a case; a woman in an debonair suit meets a prospective client, saying, “we can just take the company car”. Yes, it seems glamorous and overdone on daytime television, but you have to admit– company cars offer another level of prestige. As a small business, it may seem an extravagance, and often is. But, if within the company budget, a company car can yield great results in regard to customer perception and employee retention.

But where does one start? The Company Car one-stop-shop? Not exactly. There are numerous elements to consider when on the market for a company car: from buying to handling policies of company car use. Continue Reading →

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Co-Working Spaces in Orange County: Is It Right For You?

shared workspace

Collaboration has become a buzzword across the professional landscape; why should it not become the central feature of the new workplace we have begun to see across the country? Imagine a space in which organizations work side by side, serving as resources and collaborative partners while saving money on rent. There are now over 400 co-working spaces, mostly for non-profits and social service organizations, including the Real Office Spaces (ROC) of Santa Monica, CA and The Village at 17th St in Santa Ana, CA. The proprietor of The Village, William Podlich, retired co-founder of Pimco, hopes this is only the beginning of this “real estate with a shared purpose.” Continue Reading →

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Flood Insurance For El Nino–Was It Worth the Money?

el nino waves

El Niño may have brought big waves, but no rain for drought-ravaged Southern California.

Whatever happened to the promised El Niño? It’s already the end of May (and no April showers)– did we just miss it on its way through? Unfortunately, no. El Niño seems to have passed right over the dry and thirsty dusts of California. The looming threat of the 2016 El Niño had been predicted to reach levels such as the storms in 1997 and ‘98 which left Californians with $883 million damages statewide. Not only frustrating to our drought-stricken state, many residents of California spent their winter scrambling in preparation for the big storms– purchasing everything from rain boots to flood insurance. Now, we stand with our rain boots dry and in-hand, with a flood insurance policy we don’t seem to need. Continue Reading →

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New Coverage for Lyft and Uber Drivers


Until recently, choosing to not get behind the wheel when you’ve had alcohol just simply involved having a designated driver, or finding an alternative. Taxis are not always as prevalent and inexpensive as they are in some other countries, so they don’t appear as the obvious choice. But rideshare companies, like Lyft and Uber, will be all the more popular in the next few weeks, especially with New Year’s Eve. We can’t stress enough the importance of not drinking and driving– don’t turn this holiday season into a nightmare. AAA estimates that during this Christmas and New Year’s season, nearly 95 million Americans will hit the road, traveling long distances to visit friends and family. Unfortunately, during the end-of-year holiday travel period, nearly 27,900 Americans will be seriously injured in auto accidents, and more than 250 will die. Continue Reading →

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The Real Cost of Drag Racing and Street Racing


Movies and TV tend to paint a glorifying picture of what is becoming a too gory reality– street and racetrack racing. The tragic irony of Paul Walker’s death in a Porsche muscle car much like those in the Fast & Furious movies serves as a very public reminder of the fatal dangers of speeding. New findings in the investigation of the crash proved there were no mechanical issues behind the crash– it was due to speeds higher than 90 miles an hour. As novel as a heart-pounding early-morning street race may seem, or whipping around a race track, one would hardly stop to consider the insurance claim related ramifications of such an adrenaline rush. Continue Reading →

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Consumers Have the Right to Ask for a U.S. Call Center Representative


Finding answers become easier and easier as society progresses further into the “Information Age”. Our experience with technology’s maximized efficiency and instant results fosters within us an expectation of the same processes in our human interactions. In most cases, 800 numbers hardly guarantee such an interaction– usually leading to circular communication between members of this and that office and all sorts of red tape to trip over. Typically one pulls these numbers out to address an issue under both time and convenience restraints. When seeking answers about your insurance policy and all that falls under its umbrella, and personal property and coverage is on the line, you don’t want to be running into roadblocks. Continue Reading →

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